Friday, January 8, 2010

An empathetic heart

Today and Saturday my oldest, Avant Garde Gal will have her dream from a year ago, come true. She'll be on stage. She's been in a performing group since school started. The video below was taken at her second rehearsal night. I happened to get on video my brilliant daughter's empathetic, giving, sensitive heart. This is just who she is. Our family is blessed because of her example.

Below is AGG, singing her "boring" song. Her sister Dauntless Daughter is often found singing to herself as well, this time it happened to be in her own made-up language. I will say, in our family, we like to make up songs, we like to sing conversations to each other. Granted, my hubby and I are not great singers...but we don't give a darn. The girls love it...and I think it helps them with their own creative expressions.

You'll also notice they are sleeping together in the guest bed. They've been doing this again...for months now. They love being together. I think they actually sleep better - once they decide to go to sleep. There's something peaceful knowing you're not alone. Plus, it's sweet catching them cuddling, or in the same sleeping pose when I check in on them at night.


Mrs. Organic said...

AGG is such a sweet girl, and their songs were great.

My youngest loves to sit and "read" songs out of her scriptures - I love it.

Queen Scarlett said...


That is so sweet... songs out of scriptures... precious kids!