Sunday, January 24, 2010

YW Manual 2 Lessons 2 and 4 combined

I love making lesson handouts. I love making sure that the girls have something that they can look at and remember.
Let's face it...whatever I say in a lesson will be forgotten, but hopefully the feelings, the testimony, the visual reminders will stay with them.

I know my Laurel leader, Valerie Hauber, made a huge difference in my life as a young woman. In fact, how I teach is very much how she taught me. I am a fan of following good examples, when they do something I admire.
I wish I could find Sister Hauber and tell her how grateful I am.


Greek Goddess said...

WOW! I wish you were my teacher!

East of Eden said...

This is the reason I will never be in the YW program. Holding on to the handouts gave me a serious complex for years. Now I won't even take the program for sac mtg.

But those bags are so very cute.

Wishful Nals said...


Stepper the Mighty said...

Wow! Those are GREAT! What a great idea. Those YW are certainly lucky to have someone who cares so much about them and who cares about making sure they learn these great lessons. In every way possible.

Also: I wish you had been my YW leader, too.

Also Also: I want to serve in the YW so I can make cute take-homes, too!