Monday, June 30, 2008


That's the number I hope the Avon World Sales Lady picks when Dooce gives away some Wii Fits.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is who should have won the Nobel Peace Prize

...not that stiff in a suit who does slide shows and takes credit for trendy causes.

What a beautiful woman. We need more like her in this world - less of those arrogant stiffs in suits-types.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Dancing... the cure for everything

My friend Jon posted this video on his blog.

Where the Hell is Matt? It made me smile, laugh and feel happy warm fuzzies. I love the part where he dances with the India dancers...and the big wave that takes him out, the crazy hairy guy in front of the Eiffel Tower... actually - I love all of this... what a fun way to spend time.

If you don't smile watching this... you are dead...dead inside...and I have nothing to say to you. hehehehe


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm totally, boring

...and I'm ok with that.

I've never been addicted to anything. Not even Diet Coke - never had a sip - ever. Once I had a sip of Coke and it totally grossed me out. I've never used caffeine to keep me going. I use sleep....and sometimes grumpiness. I do eat chocolate for pleasure...and kissing. Does that count?

I've never smoked...anything. Second hand smoke makes me gag, cough and want to strangle the smoker. I'm that person hacking really loud and shouting - who is the rude idiot contaminating my air?!

I've never been to the principal's office. I've never snuck out of my house. I did have a first date I didn't tell my parents about - but I didn't sneak out. I was "hanging out" with my friend.

Everything I learned about sex I learned from my husband. There I said it. I was the kid in biology that didn't even look at the pictures because I thought that was a sin. I didn't know how many holes were down there.

After we were married... my husband called me a nympho... he also kept telling me moderation. I was like... this is the coolest toy ever. I figured - we waited this long... the party is on. Good thing too... once you have kids... you are tired...well - I am.

I've never broken a bone. I've sprained both ankles a few times each from dancing... mostly when I had to do leaps...and I landed wrong. They give out every now and then.

I'm still afraid of the dark and sleep with my winnie the pooh I received when I was one.

I've never been in an accident when I was at the wheel.

I've gotten one traffic ticket...for driving 75mph... when every one else was driving 80. I was pregnant and the officer was a total prick.

I'm a massive food snob.

Everyone around here shops at the cheap grocery store that is 15 min away ...and a place you don't want to shop at in the evening. I refuse to go there because it's that far away - not worth my time or gas. I'd rather shop at the beautiful, organically abundant, fresh market that's five minutes away.

I used to want to be the corporate big wig... attending cocktail parties and looking hot. After experiencing corporate shmoozing and politics... all the lunches, dinners, trade shows... conventions, etc... I have no desire to head back there. I don't regret being a stay-at-home mom. Making sure a stock ticks up one day... is not my life's has never brought me meaning or affirmation. I don't need that insincere adulation that varies from day-to-day.

I think that while many people are gifted in sewing, crafting, playing the piano or singing... I think I am gifted in mothering... but I recognize it changes from day-to-day. What is constant is the purpose of building a solid foundation that will last. Shaping my girls is so fulfilling - more fulfilling than any lame ass job in the world. I am gifted in that I don't resent being at home. I am gifted that I don't have this need to have other people pat me on the back, evaluate me on a form or have them throw superfluous words my way. I don't need it - never have.

I like trying new things. I am not a fan of chain restaurants or fast food. I'll have to endure them now and again...but I like to find gems.

I don't like extreme temps... I like my breezy, sunny days. I love the beach. I despise the desert. I am not a fan of living in cold. I don't mind rare visits to snow.

I won't buy a knock-off ... just to advertise for a brand. If I do buy name brand it won't be where you can see the brand splashed all over the product. The way I look at it - they should pay me to advertise - not the other way around. This makes me different from 99.0% of our population.

I like to share good things with friends and family.

I'm very loyal. Sometimes - too loyal. I'm loyal to the point of gullible. So it's really hard when I have to keep learning that people are fickle and aren't usually worth the trust and respect we dish out. Just because you want to be treated with loyalty, respect and generousity...doesn't mean the people you treat that way give a rat's a about you. It's taken me more than 30 years to learn this... and I've suddenly realized that to not be disappointed I have to stop being so loyal, generous and respectful. You have no idea how hard it is to fight myself.

I'm an achiever - if I want to achieve something I'll work hard until I get it done...and I always get it done. I'm not a passive, sit on my a...and hem and haw. I get it done. It annoys me when people make excuses. I have worked hard because I've never been smart enough, pretty enough or ... talented enough... but I work damn hard. So for people who are naturally gifted and don't do anything with their gifts... talk about pissing me off. If I had an ounce of what they had... I'd be some crazy Czar.

I don't believe in excuses of not enough time. I believe in priorities. If we value something - we'll do it. Everyone is busy. But if it's important enough - we make time.

I like to throw parties. I like to entertain and see people entertained. I also like it when people return the favor.

I like driving a fun car. My first car I purchased was an Infinit I30t... bordeaux burgundy. Right now I'm in an Acura MDX burgundy... makes me feel sporty and sexy in my Mom uniform.

I don't like talking about money. It's the way I was raised. It's totally impolite. It makes me uncomfortable. There are only two reasons why people feel the need to talk about the money they make... to have you feel sorry for them - or to show off or lend credibility to some stupid status game they play. Either way - it embarrasses me. I have this theory - that the more you are consumed by it... the less you have.

I like living a comfortable life. I don't believe in stupid status/class... it annoys me when I see people in my ward playing that game. Like new people who move in who only want to befriend those in 'high callings' to fast track their own ward mobility. Or the old members that only associate with you based on your image, reputation... or people so consumed with making sure their image is of this intellectual gospel doctrine expert, or of a reserved homemaker... that they have to watch every little action they make. It honestly makes me stressed watching them. Like let go already - BE REAL. It's not worth it to play pretend all the time. I don't fit in with people like that.

I'm simple and complicated at the same time. I'm careless about my appearance - I don't see the point of make-up these days. I think I look great without it... natural. Make-up suffocates me. I never want to be one of those people that you don't recognize without make-up...and without it makes you look white-washed. I am careful about what goes inside the body... to me that matters more than the bells and whistles of rings, piercings, paint... That doesn't mean I'm a slob...I'm simple...unless I feel the need to dress up. That's what clothes are sometimes... a fun dress up game.

I still don't have pierced ears. Don't foresee that changing - ever. My boobs are real. My butt... is quite real. I love my eyebrows. I don't have to use a pencil to make them show up... I like hair highlights. See what I mean... simple and complicated....kinda boring don't-cha think?

Truthfully... I like boring... because I get to do the things I like doing without anything holding me back. Free.

Yesterday my hula teacher told me that I had potential. That made my dancing heart soar.

The end...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I get it now...

We live in an area where the lake is maybe 15 min away. We've lived here nearly five years and this is the first time I've been on the lake... I lived in Utah for 12 and didn't ski until after we'd moved to Calif. I still have not been to Yosemite... but then again - I'm not a big outdoors, roughing it kind of a gal.

I didn't understand our community's craze of owning a boat. It seems everyone parks their cars outside of the garage so they have a place for their boat. Then our friends took us out on theirs with the girls yesterday... it was so relaxing. Like an instant vacation without the hassle of travel. The girls loved it. I get it now...

Thanks T, S, S and T for taking us out. We had a BLAST!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can't stand my kensignton...

wireless keyboard and mouse. Want to know why? Because...anytime I type and leave comments or what have you... it is too slow to catch my fast something is left off... like an 'a' or an 's'. So I end up sounding like some idiot who has lost all grasp of the English language...then again - I am a mother of toddlers.

It's driving me crazy... I think I'll just go back to my corded mouse and keyboard.

ps...if you can't tell - I'm easily annoyed today... at least I recognize I could be PMSing. My husband is so proud of me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

How I really feel - Confession

I think people who don't like to read for leisure... are strange.

I think people who fall asleep watching period Becoming Jane... unintelligent.

I feel the need to confess. Forgive me of my ... what would you call it?

Saturday, June 14, 2008


...missing in our country today.

If you look at WWII - I think we can agree it was the right thing to do. We fought a good fight. It was a moral imperative - it was to benefit the greater good.

But that was then - this... today? Maybe I'm to cynical - but I highly doubt our citizens, our country, our politics would embolden our country to enter that war. If that war happened today - I guarantee you - America would not be part of the heroes of that war.

What does that say about us? It says volumes about the men and women of that generation who knew what REAL sacrifice was, and is.

They lived with rationing - sugar, shortening, butter, flour, gas... you name it. A birthday cake was a luxury - you'd save up bit by bit to make one cake. The entire country was involved with the war effort. Each person lived in a way to promote and aide the men and women fighting for them.

Can you imagine our neighbors, our friends, ourselves doing that? I'd like to think I would - I love this country. I firmly believe in it's power of achieving dreams, by our own damn bootstraps. But I don't think there are many in this country that would think like that. I hope to hell I'm too cynical... but I doubt it.

This is a world where... like Noonan talks about in her article - ambivalence is a virtue. It's like we hear all the right words... but nothing of substance to back it up. It's almost like there's a smokescreen of "idealistic ambiguous gifts" hiding something more sinister and unstable. It's as if the candidates are magicians - tossing out policies, add new ones... and keeping their true identities behind the curtain. We are left trying to balance on a tight rope unsure of what they believe - and how they are going to provide change.

I want someone who will stand for something. State what they stand for and then fire all their guns on that. I don't want someone who makes decisions based on the whim of public opinion or useless polls. If you can't hire someone based on your own good judgment - then it's inevitable you will fire them based on wherever the wind blows.

I want someone of character and resolve - someone who looks death in the face and says - screw you. I want someone with balls - not designer suits.

I love words - I love how they roll off the tongue, I love the images they convey... but words mean didly squat without anything behind them. I want a proven track record. I want a consistent moral compass.

Unfortunately, many of my fellow Americans seem too shallow... too easily impressed with the flashy pants to focus on what the good of this country needs. Sadly, I'm too disappointed in our system to believe that true change will happen.

Until our people develop character and resolve like the young men and women during WWII - we are fighting a losing battle. I wonder... united we stand... is that still in effect?

Peggy Noonan for President

My friend Compulsive Writer posted this on her website. A link to Peggy Noonan's article. It is everything I wish I could say... and all the qualities I wish for a President. I'm old. Totally old. I like it that way.

Now ... if only we could find a good person to be old with us to run for President.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Me, Kirsten, Kehau and up front - Jayla.

So, I think July or August it will have been a year since my neighbors and I started taking hula lessons from the fabulous Kehau. Hula is one of the dance forms I want to cross off my life list. (I still need to cross off belly dancing and pole and maybe add hip hop and contemp) I have never ever performed hula in public. My kids and hubby haven't even seen me do it. So when Kehaux mentioned in class last night that she was performing at the Senior Center and invited anyone to go... the gals said I should go...even though I have two little ones.

Katherine told me to just bring a towel or blanket for them to sit on ...and it was brilliant. Debbie's daughter Jayla was there ...and she is fantastic with kids. Most of the other Hula ladies had work so... it was just a small group. I'm the least experienced of the bunch. It was fun. I was so nervous last night and this morning...and there was one part I could see my hands shaking...

Me and my future hula girls.

What I loved most was feeling the music. Kehaux teaches us the words, meanings and emotion of the songs and movements. It's fun to be lost in dance. Dance... truly makes me happy.

ps. I had one of the senior citzen ladies take the picture of our group with my iphone... that's why it's a little bit blurry. I think I'll blame that for how white I look.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Is anyone else nervous?

...about our presidential election?

I'm voting for whomever most closely resembles someone who will lower, or at very least not increase taxes. We don't need to be paying more with our economy the way it is... whoever does promise to raise taxes will also decimate our stocks. I'm tired of paying higher prices everywhere - the fact that our relief society is freaking out about food storage... bodes poorly for our upcoming election.

I'm voting for whomever wants less gov't involvement in my life. I have never seen any program with gov't leadership that was run efficiently or without waste. Gov't leadership is an oxymoron.

I want to vote for someone who isn't crazy angry... but truly hopeful and positive. I hate people who say they're hopeful but act angry.

I want someone who still values the family, and not some made-up confusion of family. I want someone who understands that letting parents teach values is more effective than having public schools indoctrinate my kids.

I want someone who doesn't speak just pretty words, and paint "a perfect picture". I want someone who has real solutions - rather than just picking apart the opponents position. I want someone who doesn't just say, "we need change" but lays out practically, how that change will happen. Just saying it...doesn't make it so. I want someone with experience, a track record, a smart business sense of how to handle and be frugal with our money.

In fact, if someone were to tell me - hey - it's going to be tight for the first couple years... but once we clean house... we'll get to where we need to be...I'd say, thank you for being real.

I want someone who doesn't constantly chant "tax the wealthy" as if we live in Robin Hood's time. I'm so tired of that. I want someone who recognizes that we already pay too much in taxes... there shouldn't be a penalty for earning an education and getting paid well in return. We should be taxed fairly. I'm all for a flat tax... like tithing (go ahead take 10%... oh wait - the gov't would never do that - they want t o take 30%+ of everything we make) or based on what we put in... that's how much we put out... I'm tired of unbalanced taxing.

I want someone who will take a stand against courts acting like a monarchy... I'm really tired of it. It's getting old.

And... unlike most people - I will not vote for anyone just to make a historical statement. That... that is irresponsible.

I don't know if there is anyone who fits this bill... all I know is ... I'm worried.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh's and Boitano

This morning I woke up remembering that Brian Boitano told me that Oh's! Cereal keeps him regular. It was so vivid I was about to have a bowl just because he told me to.

I don't know if I was channeling South Park's "What would Brian Boitano do?" ...and NO I'm not currently constipated.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun fun

So I'm finally getting around to ordering some big photos that Erin Cady took of us on our vacation on the North Shore in Oahu last year. I went to her website: Art and Soul Photography and found out that in the Family Portrait section we're in pictures 2, 7 and 8. Picture 8 is one of Melia and my feet.

I was really excited to see that. Erin is a fantastic photographer. She doesn't just take pretty pictures - she takes soulful ones. Check out her blog for more examples.

Happy happy... that's how I am right now. It's silly little things that do that for me.

I swear... it's the little things that matter.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I need some signs

We are in week two of my babies dealing with the flu, then cold and now an ear infection...I wish I could just take the horrible sick pains and take it for them. So we've been sleepless...and now we have antibiotics... YAY! (sort of)

Before the sickies... there were no posts because I'd been gone... not fishing... reading. I think it would be nice to have a little graphic with me in a boat with an empty fishing hook ...and a book.

I read the Twilight Series and then Vanishing Acts and now am reading Beneath a Marble Sky.

I love getting lost in a book.

Be back... later.