Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Auld Lang Syne

We all took a late nap today - we all woke up after 7pm.

I remember one New Year's Eve - before children, that we were with a large group of folks all playing Cranium on New Year's Eve. It was my husband R's turn to pick a card. He picked a card from the humdinger category - he had to hum whatever was on the card to his team. He picked up the card, looked at it, baffled, said "I have no idea what this is". So another guy said, "I'll take a look." The guy took a look, perplexed, said "I have no idea what this is either". So I looked at the card and started laughing....then I told everyone, "It's Auld Lang Syne...." and started the song... "should old acquaintance be forgot...." Memorable - funny and I never let my hubby forget about it on New Year's Eve.

Just now - we bought a bunch of popcorn from Popcornopolis today - we promised the girls after their nap they could eat some. Here's our four-year old K chatting it up with her Daddy.

K: Can I please have some popcorn?
R: After dinner. I don't want it to spoil your appetite
K: But my appetite needs popcorn today.

Bring it on 2009.... Cheers!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we had hot pot for dinner.

After dinner we opened our Christmas Eve pajamas, read the Christmas story, completing our 12 days of stories.

Then they had a bath, with Santa. After the bath we loaded up the car and drove around looking at the lights.

Once we got home we baked crunchy chocolate chip cookies for Santa. The girls helped, and tried some too. They picked out the Santa plate and placed all the treats for Santa.

Then they went outside our front door to sprinkle reindeer food so that the reindeer would be sure to notice our house for Santa. I think their bedtime that night was closer to 11pm.

The Day After Christmas

We went to lunch at our local Tea Party Cafe. We also went to the boutique eyeglasses store to use up the rest of our FSA money. R picked a pair of sunglasses and I found a pair of sunglasses and eye glasses I can't wait to sport. Yipee.
K picked out lunch spot - our favorite Tea Party Cafe.
M always says, "more tea please".

Taking his tea very seriously. Not any man can live in a home full of girls.
...I's time to go back to my hair guy, Saul.

K loved the nutcracker at the eye glass place.
Then we went to Target to get the girls some shoes. K wanted boots, and while there we found a few extra pairs for both girls. We found a star for our tree for 5.00 (yipee) - Ry and I haven't ever had a star because we hadn't found one we liked.
They are pretending to take a nap. For some reason it is fun to pretend to take a nap. It is not fun to really go take a nap when they're supposed to.

After a dinner of leftovers the girls got into their other pair of matching pajamas and rode Daddy Felipe (Belle's horse from Beauty and the Beast) to bed.

"No more pictures! I just can't take it anymore."

M loves to be hung upside-down. She can be in a grumpy mood and we hang her upside-down and she's happy again. It's a literal turning that frown upside-down.

Daddy is pretending to be a monster...and K is protecting M...

Good night...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Up on the Housetop...

K our four-year old had this conversation with her father while delivering a plate of Christmas goodies.

K: Dad, do we have a chimney?
R: No.
K: But we have a fireplace.
R: Yeah.
K: Well, how's Santa going to get in?
R: Don't worry, Santa has ways of getting in.
K: Is he going to open up the fireplace?
R: Yup.
K: I don't want him to open up the fireplace.
R: Why not Sweetie?
K: Cuz there's spiders in there. I don't like spiders.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From Our Family... to Your Family

Santa’s Coming!!!

Just in the nick of time - we are broadcasting via blog, our Christmas and New Year’s wishes.

Here are the highlights of 2008:

February - Disneyland - M’s first time and K’s second. The girls LOVED the Princesses and the Princess Faire.

August - Marine World - the girls love this kind of a thing.

September - Maui - we stayed in Kapalua, loved the Maui Ocean Center, and we just hung out as much as we could at the beach.

October - R and Queen Scarlett escaped to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

We also spent a lot of time, taking music lessons, dancing, singing, cooking, jumping in gymnastics classes, going to the zoo, finding beaches, swimming, playing, reading, exploring... it’s been a full year.

Here are some of our Favorites:

M, age 2
Color: Pink

Movie: Little Mermaid “I like Ariel”

TV Show: Little Einsteins
Fruit: Apple
Vegetable: Peas

Drink: Chocolate Milk

Food: Cheese

Thing to do with K: “I like to hug K”

Thing to do with Mommy: “I like to hug Mom”

Thing to do with Daddy: “I like to hug Dad”

K, age 4
Color: Pink

Movie: Little Drummer Boy

TV Show: Charlie and Lola

Fruit: Strawberry
Vegetable: Carrots

Drink: Pink Milk

Food: Chicken Nuggets

Thing to do with M: “I like to hug and kiss and share with M”

Thing to do with Mommy: “I like to hug and play and kiss and do games and all sorts with Mommy”
Thing to do with Daddy: “ I like to hug and play with Daddy”

Queen Scarlett, age 31
Color: Burgundy

Movie: While You Were Sleeping
TV Show: Fringe and LOST

Fruit: Lichee

Vegetable: Broccolini

Drink: Water

Food: Indian, Chinese...anything that is infused with spices...

Thing to do with M: Play mischievous games, and cuddle
Thing to do with K: Have silly conversations, and cuddle
Thing to do with R: Make-out

R, age 34
Color: Green

Movie: Saving Private Ryan

TV Show: San Jose Sharks Hockey

Fruit: Mango

Vegetable: Artichoke

Drink: Blood Orange Italian Soda

Food: Spicy food

Thing to do with K and M: Tickle war

Thing to do with Queen Scarlett: “A different kind of tickle”

This year with the troubles that afflict our nation, and our world, we are grateful for the chance to remember what is important. We are grateful for our little family, for a chance to slow-down and recognize that it isn’t the accumulation of things - it is the accumulation of time and moments that matter. We are grateful to good people. People who stand for what is virtuous, in the midst of overwhelming odds. We are grateful to our faith, and our Savior. We are grateful to remember that we must remember Him all year round. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Here’s to you, to us and to another year.

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Who's the Boss

K, our four year-old is very concerned about who the boss is. For example - we have to remind her that she is the boss of herself - not the boss of M, her two year-old sister. We also explain that Mommy and Daddy are the boss of both her and M - as well as ourselves. Her friends are the bosses of themselves...etc. She likes order and respects boundaries.

Today as she was talking to her Uncle C she explained the boss hierarchy to him on the phone.

K: Uncle C-, I'm the boss of myself.
C: Oh.
K: Daddy is the boss of himself - not the boss of me and M.
Me (interjecting because we have it on speaker): Yes he is. Daddy is also the boss of you and M.
K: No he's not - he didn't have a baby in his belly.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sole Respect

When I first heard about the reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush I rolled my eyes and thought "gimme a break - what is wrong with people?"

I saw the video of it and was impressed with Bush's reflexes...not impressed with security. I've noticed the media talking about how upset this guy was, and excusing the behavior by saying that in his culture that behavior is meant to be insulting.

I just want to say... bravo for exercising the freedom you have currently, to throw a shoe at a President... bravo you brave, brave... size 10 male. Way to go...chuck a shoe at the hand that feeds you...bravo. Should Bush ask "Now, what would Saddam do?"

A lot of people in the media, and folks on the "bash Bush at every expense bandwagon" are giggling... giggling so hard they can't see straight. And I have to ask - why? Even if you don't agree with someone, even if you don't like them, are we really that base to think this is acceptable, funny and warranted? Really? Are we that low?

I remember when I was in Israel and how willing and attentive we were to all the customs and rites in that area. When we visited the mosques we all left our shoes outside. We wore modest clothing - and in some areas weren't even allowed to wear shorts. We felt a deep respect for the holy places, even if we weren't of the same religion.

I wonder... were we respectful because it was demanded there... or because that is our nature? It makes me wonder if the people of this country (even the loud, obnoxious ones) would be more respectful, and grateful for the blessings we have in this country - if other countries would follow suit.

If we don't respect ourselves - why should anyone else?

My favorite statement from the author of Wild Swans is found on page 14:

It was at York that one night the thought of writing a book about my past life came to me. I was invited to talk by a professor who had just been in China. He showed some slides of a school he had visited, where the pupils were having lessons on an obviously freezing winter day, in classrooms with no heating but roundly broken windows. "Are they not cold?" the kindly professor had asked. "No, they are not," the school had answered.

After the slide show there was a reception, and one woman, perhaps struggling to find something to say to me, began: "You must feel very hot here." This innocent remark hurt me so badly that I left the room abruptly and had my first cry since I came to Britain. It was not so much a feeling of being insulted, but an overwhelming pain for the people of my native land. We were not treated by our own government as proper human beings, and consequently some outsiders did not regard us as the same kind of human s as themselves. I thought of the old observation that Chinese lives were cheap, and one Englishman's amazement that his Chinese servant should find a toothache unbearable. I was infuriated once again by the many admiring comments of Westerners who had visited Mao's China that the Chinese were extraordinary people who seemed to enjoy being criticized, denounced, "reformed" in labor camps -- all things that would seem sheer misery to Westerners.
It seems there's a pervasive loud speaker in our country - a shrill droning of how worthless we are. How dare we have all these blessings... how we must loath ourselves. This is so sad to me. Instead of debasing ourselves to help other people feel good about themselves, or for those that can't reconcile who they truly are - why can't we all just be grateful. Why can't we appreciate what we have? Why can't we funnel our pent up energy into uplifting others, rather than belittling everything around us? Who knows, the next time a shoe is thrown - it could be at you - will you be laughing then?

How Mormons do Beer...

Our local market has an entire wall of root beer and other sodas. The variety is amazing. So one night, after we had gone to Indian food with our friends Todd and Kim, we decided to bring home some root beer to taste.

Naturally, we picked only the Root Beers without caffeine. The worst... Frostie... the best Sprecher and Henry Weinhard's. We had roasted almonds between the flavors.

We weren't drunk...but maybe the camera was...I love that we can have fun and not be inebriated. We don't need artificial stimulants to have a good time ...and we can remember everything the next day - without a horrible headache. Speaking of which... my friend Jon had a great post recently, about this.

We also did a blind taste between the two winners...Sprecher and Weinhard's.... it was fun.
It was after 10pm and our girls woke up so... they joined in with Kaylee their babysitter. It was fun.

Ok... they might've gotten a bit tipsy. hehehe How cute is this?!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Smart Chic

Nearly two months ago I noticed my oldest, K had a lazy eye... nearly two years ago I noticed she would watch TV at an angle... that was when she had her first eye appointment. Tuesday we went to a specialist in pediatric and adult strabismus...turns out she has a lazy right eye and is mildly far-sighted.

I am near-sighted. My husband R never, ever went to the eye doctor as a child. His first eye appointment was when we were dating... he was 26 years old. We think he had this exact problem as a child. I think it's so sad that he struggled with eyesight his entire life. I grew up with, and am a big believer in preventative care. I don't understand people who would rather wait for a massive emergency, or when it's too late... than do the simple, little things daily to keep their bodies healthy.

I'm grateful that we caught this now - I don't want her looking like Shaquille O'Neal.

On Wednesday we went to a place for frames and lenses. Our doctor suggested we go the next day because K's eyes were dilated. She said, "given how verbal K is, I'd suggest you go tomorrow. She's probably very conscious about how she looks, and with her eyes dilated she will be very frustrated." The doctor nailed my daughter's personality to the T. ;-)

At the glasses place K picked out a pair of wire frames with nose pads. They were rectangular and she wouldn't consider other frames. The lady and I kept getting her to try on others...but she was adamant. After a while she told us that she liked the rectangle ones because they looked like mine. So cute. Eventually she said she didn't want glasses because they hurt. I told her it was because of the nose pads. That sold her on these cute ones we purchased above.

Meanwhile - M my youngest wants glasses because of her sister... I hope she doesn't have to go through this too... Our girls are used to their Mommy and Daddy wearing glasses and... have always wanted some to be like us... oh, but I wish they didn't need them.

I still think... they're adorable. Or as K angrily shouts, "I'm not adorable! The glasses are adorable. I'm SWEET!!!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My limb is missing

So my husband was straightening up the kitchen counter where our camera sits. He happened to topple over the vanilla reed diffuser...yeah, so my camera ingested scented oil. The view finder is shot, the battery and memory card slots are full of friction...and gunk.

So... I guess that I'm getting a camera for Christmas. We have some ideas...but am curious... suggestions?


PJ Game Night

So my friend Carrie and I hosted a PJ Game night at my house to get our Visiting Teaching a fun way this month...and I added some additional ladies just because they're fabulous. Turns out some of the ladies were able to get their visiting teaching done too.

We played my brand-spanking new Apples to Apples game. It was fantastic. Thanks for the suggestions bloggy-friends.

I made Ina Garten's hot chocolate. It is divine. I used the Ghirardeli chocolate bars you find in the baking section.

My gourmet friend Carrie made a cranberry, caramel, pecan tart...from scratch of course. It was heavenly. I made the mango, orange zest Guittard brownies...and Amy brought perfect little Christmas cookies. April supplied salt & vinegar, and Kim brought these adorable mini-bread bowl with spinach dip. I also had some Naughty biscotti, tea biscuits and crab rangoon for snacking. Did I also mention Carrie made fresh cream for the tart - which we also used on the hot chocolate? YUM... mmmm. Everyone brought great company...and light-hearted fun.

We had a rule ...that died out after a few of us danced... that whoever was the last one to place a card down in the game ... they had to do a silly dance. April and Kim were awesome with their silly dancing.

It's nice being around women who aren't pretentious, who are centered and who are fearless. Plus, PJs... comfy cozy... I do hear that those that weren't in PJs... actually sleep in the nude. heheheh


So I've been reading Design Mom for years now...and have never, ever won anything. It's a bit of a letdown actually... but I am the naive hopeful I'm going to keep trying. She starts a 12 days of Christmas giveaway this Friday.

Ho, Ho, Ho.... bah humbug.

AND... my friend ~J is giving away AWESOME tickets if you live in Utah - for Free!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Friday night my hunny and I had a date night with our friends Kim and Todd. When we returned home that evening our girls were asleep... well K our oldest was asleep, until her sister M pulled her hair and high-pitched screaming ensued. Turns out before falling asleep the two of them had created snow, a la Elf (the movie).

And then we let them use the pillow cover as a ghost costume...

If you're wondering... the guest room is still covered in snow... until we can go visit the snow... this fake stuff works for them.

A Gourmet Feast

For Thanksgiving my gourmet friend Carrie invited us to crash their dinner.

We were more than happy to oblige. Here are some pictures from the dinner. I was sad to find out I didn't get proper pictures of Carrie's parent-in-laws. They were so warm, kind and have the most fascinating stories.

Here's a slide show from our fabulous feast.