Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hiking Buddies

...italics are all comments AGG made during our walk/hike

Ooooh! It makes me want to sleep it's so pretty.
Jesus makes the best world, ever!
Hike, hike hike! We're hiking through the woods.

The last week of my 5YO, Avant Garde Gal's two-week spring break, her sister 3YO Dauntless Daughter... started school. So... since it was just AGG and I... we decided to take a little walk/hike on one of many trails in our community. I love to walk. My husband, Phantom can be compelled to walk - but he doesn't like it. So... I was hoping that AGG's boundless energy would prove fruitful in finding myself a proper hiking/walking buddy. As a mother, I know my child, and let's just say - I was right.

It's so pretty. It's music to my ears.
Wow, it's so pretty. I wish I could swim in that pond.
I wish I could get baptized in that pond.

Yeah, we're exploring. Hey what about my snack?
I need to take a break.
I like hiking.

AGG was so excited. Her constant commentary on everything she saw was like a stream of endless chatter. Everything she said made me smile, giggle and laugh. One of my favorite things she said was, "No time for dilly dallying, hurry up!" She also was completely in awe, and exclaimed at how beautiful the world Jesus made is. "Wow, Jesus is sooooooo creative!" I could only giggle and tell her she was right, and extremely smart.

Heavenly Father's super awesome. They have great ideas. And Jesus is the best ever. He didn't do any mistakes. How can I do that?
This is like a hill. This is like the woods.
Shhhh. quiet. there are snakes in here and pandas and bears.

I am excited to keep this a consistent part of our relationship. I am really proud of her first jaunt. I had brought a snack for her and water. In all we wandered about the trails for 2 miles and she didn't complain once. When I told her she was my hiking buddy - she said, "you can be my hiking buddy too."

I like exploring. I've never done this before.
This is my first time. You're the leader.

QS: Why am I the leader?
You're the Mom.

This trail is the best one yet.
What does best one yet mean?
Wow! I can see lots of things.
I see a lot of houses, I can't count them all.

Ew stinky.
I have to plug my nose three times.
Smell that stink.
Mom why do I have a good sense of smell.
QS: You were blessed
I don't like smelling stinky stuff.

Ah, fresh, fresh air.

I am one lucky Mom.


Mrs. Organic said...

This is my absolute favorite age, they say the cutest things.

La Yen said...

Why DO I have a good sense of smell?

Queen Scarlett said...

She's my ROCKSTAR!