Saturday, May 1, 2010


I pulled a Joey moment tonight.

Today is the start of a very busy week. My daughters are in rehearsals for their big show Fri/Sat and I am busily organizing/coordinating teacher appreciation for both my kindergartner and preschooler... so ... I am about to lose my sanity and what is left of my short-term memory...which is not good to begin with.

I bought tickets to Conan O'Brien's tour the moment they were released. I circled May 1 with a bright red pen and have been looking forward to it for months.

I was organized today - we had rehearsals in the morning, came home and did the weekly clean. Really grateful hubby helped alongside me. My hubby made me take a power nap at 4pm. I had to check twitter and FB and email before setting my iPhone alarm to wake me up.

I saw this tweet by @ConanOBrien:
"I'm in Vegas - and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless it's a superflu pandemic that spreads thru the nation causing chaos & panic."

QS: If he's doing the show tonight, why is he in Vegas?
Phantom: Vegas is only a short flight from Sacramento.
QS: Oh, well - then I'll tweet how excited I am.

I tweeted this from my @QueenScarlett twitter account:
"@ConanOBrien can't wait to see you rock it tonight in sac-town!"

When I woke from my 30 min nap I ordered pizza for the girls and sitter, showered, tried to look pretty, bathed the girls, picked up the babysitter and then Phantom and I headed to Lemongrass Restaurant.

Seafood Paella - I love the dish and presentation too...I am a sucker for adorable presentation

It was delicious. I also felt a little young. It seemed every table in the restaurant was filled with patrons of the more wise and senior sensibility. Which was actually kind of cute. I kept thinking that I want to still be going out, finding great restaurants to enjoy when I'm in my 60-80s.

Yee-haw! Thai Cowboy Steak

I had their special... the seafood paella - scallops. shrimp, veggies and rice with some curry/Asian flavorings... mmmmmmm. Phantom had their Thai Cowboy Steak and we also ordered their perfect spring rolls. Their spring rolls are made with minced pork, chicken, onions and wood-ear mushrooms. You wrap them with mint, basil, a few other herbs, and lettuce. Dip it in their delightful sauce and ... yum, heavenly.

Crispy, fresh Spring Rolls - my hubby is tearing off some herbs to wrap around the roll

Then we headed to downtown Sacramento. As we walked to the Memorial Auditorium, in the back of my mind I thought... where are all the people? Then we noticed the back door open and figured, we have tickets, it would be sweeeeeeeeeet if we ran into CoCo backstage. We went in and saw the stage occupied by a bunch of ballerinas.... we kept walking and in my head I thought, "maybe it's part of a sketch"...and then my heart dropped and Joey from FRIENDS floated into my mind. I pulled out the tickets and saw THURSDAY, MAY 6th.

The End.

Time for bed, Joey brain


Mrs. Organic said...

So glad you didn't pull it out and the date read April 30. Yay for two nights out in a week.

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La Yen said...

SO glad you didn't miss it!!