Thursday, June 24, 2010

Offering our hearts, minds, souls

I know... I know. It's been a while. I've been busy living in moments with my family. Pursuing dreams and ... dreading spending hours sitting on my rear end staring at a screen...watching my time disappear. Twitter and FB I can do from the bathroom... with an iPhone... I guess I could blog that way too...but... it would be too much balancing in a precarious position for me.

So I guess it takes a lot lately for me to really fire me up.

I also have a slew of family stuff to chat about... that will come... but first...

Last Sunday one of the Laurels gave the lesson on sacrifice. Our kids know what it is to sacrifice. It might seem odd to say that, given the fairly stable, middle class neighborhood we live in. These kids seem to have everything they would need...and want in most cases.

They aren't called on to sacrifice their hunger, their physical well-being... but they are asked to sacrifice their reputations, their pride...and to be honest, their safety amongst peers. Frankly, we aren't asked to sacrifice like Prophets and believers were in Old Testament times. We do not have to voluntarily, go roaming in our fields for a perfect, unblemished male animal to sacrificeLeviticus 1:3) on an altar. But we are asked to give our Lord a broken heart and a contrite spirit (3 Nephi 9:20).

In a world that often looks at those who follow God willingly, as "blind sheep", it can easily be a source of pride and self-satisfaction when some knowingly disagree or work against what God has asked. I don't understand it. I get frustrated. Our sacrifices will require actions we don't understand. Just ask Abraham, or Adam. (Moses 5:6 - I love this verse "I know not, save the Lord commanded me" isn't that enough?) Our sacrifices will include following God, even when we don't know the "why". Our sacrifices will require us to choose faith, and leap. Our sacrifices include suffering some persecution and base, deplorable behavior. We may not be asked to leave our homes, trudge in horrible conditions to find the promised land... but our souls, our faith will be asked to expand, our pride will be asked to shrink... to sacrifice our own, feeble opinions, ideas for the very simple principle of obedience.

If there's one thing I know... it's that popular opinion, generally, should require us to be more wary, vigilant. Whenever popular opinion, or trendy behavior starts to breed... I tend to dig in my heels. Which is why, when I hear loud voices justifying, rationalizing a brilliant crises of faith, or right to vandalize places of worship, careers and terrorizing families, I recognize exactly the source of that kind of behavior and power.

While people like that disappoint me. It also fires me up. It rankles me and makes me want to plant my foot firmly where I stand and be as immovable as I can. As a parent I am constantly trying to teach my children the wisdom of obedience. Is it me or is wisdom becoming a lost art? When I teach a principle like, looking both ways before they cross a street, will keep them from getting smashed by a car... I want them to obey that principle, because I love them. I don't want harm to come to them. They may not understand why it's important to always look, even when it seems like there aren't any cars... but by listening to me and doing what I ask, my kids show me that they trust, love and appreciate me.

Sure I am often a murmurer. I complain when things are unexplainable. But when the lines are drawn, you'll find me there, clearly delineated because... I know I'm not in charge. For a type A gal who loves to be in charge, that's kind of a relief. Frankly, I'd rather follow the Lord wherever he leads, because I trust, even when I don't understand... I still trust because I know He loves me. I know He has a plan. I know He sees eternity, where I can barely see a sliver. Sometimes sacrifice is as simple as saying... "here, I will let you guide me." That act of handing over the reigns of our life... because God asked us, may just be the greatest sacrifice we can give. Christ did. He gave His life for all of us, because Heavenly Father asked His son to atone for us. Is there any better reason to give
our lives over to Him ...other than simply, He asked us to...


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