Monday, May 24, 2010

"It worked." - Juliet

"I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape." - Miles
"He's worse than Yoda." - Hurley
"Let it go." - John Locke

I have been watching LOST since it's pilot. I would have never even considered the pilot if it wasn't for my brother. He's a fan of all things JJ. Abrams - and I am hooked as well.

LOST is one of few shows my hubby and I watch together. My hubby is more of a skeptic. I believe it brings him great joy to find holes in stories, inconsistencies... like so many others.

I'm the type that goes with the flow, if I find the characters, their stories, emotions matter to me. That's what I love about LOST. I loved getting to know the characters, their flaws, strengths and ability to change. Yes, when Jin and Sun went down in that submarine, my body was wracked with sobs.

Sure, I'd have liked to receive more answers about excess details - but I found the finale, the entire series perfectly delicious and satisfying. I imagine that in the end of my life, all the questions that might seem so important right now, might not matter at all when compared to my relationship with my little family. In terms of LOST what mattered to me was the simple symbolism, the journey of faith, trust, loyalty. I enjoyed how these characters struggled, worked, toiled, and then received peace.

One of the most resonant themes was when Jack in the first season said "we either learn to live together, or we'll die alone." The finale demonstrated how well they had learned to live together. They were able to be with the people they chose to care about most, and die (move on) together.

I think it's fascinating how time in the sideways world is not relevant. Time is very much a human condition. When there is no end to time, when eternity is difficult for our minds to fathom, it makes sense that time, the way we view it means nothing.

I loved the symbolism of sacrifice that rang throughout the series. I believe that all things denote there is a God. It always tickles me that even pop culture can't escape this simple fact.

Last night as I watched the finale with my hubby, I could not stop exclaiming... "I LOVE THIS SHOW!" each time a familiar face was awakened, united... or shared familiar one liners, nicknames, conversations... I just wanted to hug everyone.

I'm one of those people that enjoys symbolism, and meanings below the surface. It reminds me of parables. Those that are willing to hear it, will choose to. Those that are not willing, won't. That's what's great about reading and finding great shows like LOST - if you choose to allow something to enrich your life, you will find it. If you choose not to, you won't. So I don't begrudge those that dismiss the finale, or even choose not to watch the series, because we're all at different stages of life and enlightenment. Some of us will read a book and take it at face value. Others of us will be able to see brilliant rays of symbolism jumping out at us on a page, enriching our perspectives... after all life (LOST) is all about choices.

...I just wish Charlie, Desmond and Penelope were in that photo of the cast above. How great was it to see Charlie with Claire and Aaron again? Pretty great!

This is my wistful farewell to LOST. Loved the journey, it was beautiful.


Greek Goddess said...

So glad it was satisfying for you. I don't know why I didn't watch the series, probably because I don't get around to watching hardly any tv... But it makes me happy that you're happy with the ending. Now to find a new series to enjoy...?

AzĂșcar said...

I really loved it too. I didn't cry when Jin and Sun died, but I cried every time someone made a connection in the sideways. Wow. I was a mess! I loved the ending, J didn't. I think he also loves to find the holes and inconsistencies. There you go.

The Atomic Mom said...

Yours was the best assesment I've read so far. I'm not a LOST watcher, I gave up after season 2, but I might go back and watch it, now that it's all over. :) (This is East of Eden by the way, commenting from my newish family blog and my new sign in) :)