Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama Care Yay or Nay? The TRUTH About Canada!

Anyone who believes Socialized medicine (government run health insurance) is a good idea - must already have brain damage.


AzĂșcar said...

Hey, I'm on record:

I lived under socialized medicine.

And it ROCKED.

(And it rocked way more than dealing with the insurance companies, hospitals, appealing claims, HMOs, waiting for 7 hours in OUR ERs, waiting for days to be referred to doctors, being denied coverage, denied drugs, having a pre-existing condition, and lovely benefits administrators.)

I don't think that socialized medicine would work here--the insurance companies are too entrenched--but we have to change this system, it freaking sucks. It sucks soooooooooooo bad.

We're not headed towards socialized medicine--where the doctors and hospitals are employees and functions of the government. But we HAVE to do something. My small business is getting creamed with the costs, and our coverage stinks.

Have you heard about Consumer's Union proposal? It's kind of cool. You might like.

Holli said...

Everything about medicine in this country needs to be changed. Not socializing medicine, reducing the costs by Americans stopping their obsession with drugs and operations that aren't necessary - so many people just don't want to eat healthy and take care of themselves, they just want to pop a pill - and then insurance is paying for it. But Americans taking responsibility for themselves? Prescription companies not pushing their pills? Americans suing for ridiculous things? Ya right. There's a time and place for medicine but both sides abuse it. How you find the solution to that, I don't know.