Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summertime

There's been a lack of posting due to the fact that this summer - I'm doing less cleaning, blogging...more getting out and exploring with the girls. Also... I get tired after all our little adventures because I'm just not as spry...also...uploading pics to blogger takes so long... I feel like lazy Mayzie.

I started a play group this summer with friends from school, neighborhood and church. When we returned from Utah on June 7th - the group started on June 9th.

The week after was CRAZY.

Monday we had a play date at our local CSD park with AGG's friend K. They love this park because of the sand box. I like the soft rubber flooring. We did a picnic of course.

Tuesday we did a little hike in our community. We have tons of trails that the home builder carved into the area. So we took the kids on a "easy" hike. Then we picnicked at a park. The kids did well - but they all kept asking for food, even though they'd had breakfast just before the hike.

Wednesday my friend Valerie and her daughter K came with us to San Francisco to meet up with my fabulous friend from BYU Soccermom - to go through the California Academy of Sciences Museum. It's free every third Wednesday. I guess everyone else decided to go too - so we ended up going to the de jong Museum Cafe for lunch and then strolling the Japanese Tea Garden. DD of course - fell in.

lunch at the de jong museum café - DD, AGG and K

at the Japanese Tea Gardens

This is the pond DD fell into after we'd finished our tour of the garden. This picture is taken at the beginning of our walk in the gardens. The bamboo fence on the right side of this picture is the one that popped off when DD leaned against it with AGG and Kylie. Yes, I am pleased I happened to have a picture of where she tumbled in.

See how she leans...

AGG, DD, S, J, J, S and K

So when we first entered the Tea Gardens the girls noticed all the coins in some of the ponds so I let them have some pennies to throw and make wishes. On our way out of the gardens everyone went to use the restroom - and I was at the ponds with AGG, DD and K. They all wanted to make wishes so I gave them all pennies and asked them to hold on to the pennies until I could rummage out my video camera out of my bag.

I lean down to find it and as I do it I hear a crack, splash and instant crying. I look up to find DD had toppled head over feet into the shallow pond. I step in and pull her out, just as three other tea garden patrons are about to jump in too.

I bring a crying, traumatized DD out of the pond and find a crying, traumatized AGG. I need one of them to stop - so I tell AGG to stop and tell me why she's crying. "Because I don't want DD to fall into the pond." Sweet. Luckily I was prepared for the cold SF weather. By the time this accident happened it was relatively warmer. So I bundled DD in the three jackets we had.

Hey... it was memorable. ;-)

After the Tea Gardens Valerie and I hit up a little Chinese bakery for Dim Sum to take home. They also had dinner food too... it was prefect because I was able to pick up dinner for my family, and Dim Sum for our book group that night.

My friend and roomie from the Chinese House - Soccermom , Me, my friend Valerie.

Thursday AGG and DD had a play date with AGG's friend N and her brother A. Their mother Ruby and I chatted and I convinced her to try a workout with me at my group training.

I think we took a break on Friday.

The next week we had my friend Marina's boys over on Monday so that Marina could pack for their move to Santa Cruz.
DD and M were done before their older siblings were with the water play.

The girls started dressing up as Hula girls and the boys asked to dress up to. M, DD, AGG and E. The best was when E asked for some shoes to match his dress, and when M pointed to his boobies and said, "mine are too small, but when they're bigger I can help mommy feed N" (his baby sister).

Tuesday our play group hung out at Cameron Park Lake.

Wednesday we had Marina's boys over again to play. And they came back later for dinner at our house. I'm very sad they are moving because the girls get along so well with those two adorable boys.

Water War anyone?

M, DD, AGG and E - taking an ice lollie break

N and Marina

Thursday and Friday I think I took a break from all the playing.

So... we've been busy since school let out. And... I actually love it. I love that finally the girls and I can go, go, go. We also do a lot of going to the gym so I can work out and then hitting the gym pool side for lunch and swimming. All in all... a great start to summer, summer, summertime.

ps. I think shortly after all this DD caught a stomach flu bug from Nursery at Church... which took us out of commission for a week. This week we are taking it easy. Also...this week I couldn't take it anymore and am on a cleaning/organizing spree.

pps. I have more pictures on my private blog - cryingoverspiltmilk

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