Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's good for the gander

Tonight was a Young Women activity night. I left the girls with my hubby expecting them to be asleep or in bed by the time I returned.

Instead I was greeted with two adorable girls running around in just their undies... with giant hugs. I was able to cuddle and tuck them in...it was nice.

Then my husband related how the evening went... and why we should not be popping popcorn at night when the girls are still awake. They follow their nose...and love to snack on popcorn.

Apparently, while I was away our five year old Avant Garde Gal with her three year old sister in tow... barged into our bedroom where my husband, Phantom, was eating popcorn and watching South Park. As soon as they entered the room he paused the TV.

AGG: I want popcorn too. I want to watch that too.
Phantom: You can't watch that.
AGG: Why not?
Phantom: Because it's not good for you.
AGG: It's not good for little kids?
Phantom: Nope.
AGG: Well, if we shouldn't be watching it, then you shouldn't watch it either.
Phantom: You know... you're right. (he stopped watching it... )

...when I was pregnant with her...and had a strong impression that she was my mentor in the pre-existence... she just proved me right.


Mrs. Organic said...

I have that same thing with music. I know there should only be a family playlist, but there it is.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Suh-mart kiddo!