Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today...I just want to sleep...and sleep...and sleep.

According to the author who wrote Fablehaven - fairies that are kept indoors turn into evil, ugly imps. In the stories, the evil, ugly imps are eventually saved by a kiss from a fellow fairy. However, some of those that enjoyed that transformation are still pretty, snarky, and sneaky.

I think was an imp once.

Some people are just naturally good. There are those that are friends to all. And some of those are incredibly, ridiculously sincere. There are others that ... are hard to peg-down if they truly, irrevocably like and respect you... or run the course of ... "if everyone is special, no one really is".


Well, let's just say, you know if I like you. If I don't, it's pretty obvious. I am pretty good at the favoritism thing. If you're someone I respect and admire, chances are I'll want to be around you. If you're someone I totally don't respect, or admire... I'm going to avoid you at all costs. I am a fairy with light and dark sides. I don't like to waste my time around people who irritate the doo doo out of me.

I'm loyal. If you have me as a friend you're set. There's nothing I wouldn't do for your best interests. But cross me - and that loyalty crumbles into dust. I'm easily flipped. I don't like being taken advantage of and I don't like insincerity. Straight shooters rule around here. I value truth above all.

Lately, I've been a bit disinterested in the comings and goings online. You can tell by the length between posts. I am just not interested in sitting on my, newly diagnosed overweight bum to wait for photos to load.

sitting on my overweight bum...according to BMI - picture taken blissfully before heading to my hoo-ha doctor. Darnit... you mean all that butter, baking and hedonistic eating is not going to help me??? *shaking fists* Cruel, cruel world.

I get into a hermit stage in the winter. If I didn't have to leave the house, I probably won't. If I can stay in PJs all day, I will. If I'm not going to Church, or on a date...I don't wear make-up...because I really don't like it. If I didn't have to interact with people for the good of my girls, I'd ignore everyone. Weird huh? You all probably think I'm an extrovert all the time. You're wrong. And you thought you knew me. Tsk, tsk. I'm not one of those women that needs to be in constant chatter contact. I figure if you're friends, if you are deep friends, when you are together you pick up where you left off, like it's no big deal - no insecurities, no jealousies. This is also probably why I have very few real friends. Those real friends, are priceless.

I've been blogging since 2004 and I think I'm due for a blogvacation. Of course, that could be short-lived because I hate committing to something. I loathe routine.

Also, I like to blog with pictures. I like reading blogs with pictures. I love words, but when there's too much text without visual entertainment, I get bored. It becomes work.

Lately I've been getting more and more migraines and headaches...and my energy level is kaput. So I'm going to get some tests done and see what the bejeebers is wrong with me. I think if they find out something is wrong with me I'll be relieved. Then I can say, "A-HA! That's why"... as opposed to floating around aimlessly. Then again, it could be nothing, except that it's winter... I am not a winter fairy.

Thanks for bearing with me. Thanks for being there to note my little offerings in this zippy-Internet world. I appreciate it. Thanks for the friends new and old who have commented their thoughts in my little space in the blogworld. You make me smile.

This morning I did not want to be woken up by my daughter. I was in the grip of a dream where a few of us were making a stand against some black, goop spraying zombies. The zombies had just broken into the room when I was unceremoniously ripped out of that dream. I tried to go back to sleep to help out my fellow comrades... but they are now lost to me...or am I lost to them? That could explain a lot.


Mrs. Organic said...

You couldn't possibly be overweight. I hope you get some answers (make them check your thyroid) and some peace of mind.

cabesh said...

I love winter hibernation.

I really thought I was done blogging--went over a month and didn't feel the need to post anything....but then Chloe had her 100 days project and I needed help from everywhere.

I haven't decided if I'm really going to keep going.

East of Eden said...

Glad to see you're still alive. :)

I think we've all turned into evil fairys in our house...we continued to be snowed in...bla!

Queen Scarlett said...

Mrs. Organic - yep... totally having a blood test to check that thyroid... hope I am fixable. ;-)

cabesh - I don't go out unless I have to...to buy food, do my YW calling, drop off/pick up at school. I am okay with that. Sorry ... I did not get my sorry bum out to buy a post card. I was at home... in my cave. ;-)

East of Eden - We can be imps together. ;-)

~j. said...

I absolutely get being disenchanted with internet-y, bloggy things right now, because that's how I feel, too. I hope you get your energy back soon. You're beautiful.

Greek Goddess said...

That's the beauty about blogging when you're not doing it for money. It's YOURS, it's personal, you can come and go as you please. I figure it's mainly for me. If someone derives pleasure from reading my blog, it makes me happy, but I write to write. You know what I mean? Plus, sorry that one of my blogs is one of those with too many words and not enough pictures... :) I'll try to do better.
Btw, with the bad weather and having to stay inside you've GOT to buy some of the Sandra Boynton albums. You and your girls will LOVE them.

Queen Scarlett said...

~j - right back at ya... you get me. ;-)

Greek Goddess - it'd be nice to make some moolah though. ;-) Your blog is not including... because you're my friend... and great friends like you are exempt from my weird quirks. It's like a fore field... weird...but it's true.