Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's easy to be a hero

...with girls like mine.

Today it was 63 degrees.

My hubby cleaned up the kitchen island and washed the car, while I vacuumed, did laundry and tried to pick up after my two Tasmanian devils.

The girls, played Rapunzel, dressed up, put on shows and then... for their grand finale - put on their bathing suits to blow bubbles and create puddles out in our backyard.

I was against the water idea at first, because it is still February, for crying out loud. And...we're still getting over colds.

But... what the doo doo - I gave in. I filled up a big bowl of warm water for them to scoop and pour over our patio. And that resulted in...

"Mom you are so creative! You filled up a bowl with water!"

"Mom, you are the BEST!"

"Mom, chicka-chika boom Yeah!"

"Mom this is the best day!"

... see, it's easy to be the hero. Only, I think they are the true heroes- they put this big huge grin on my face I can't seem to wipe off.


La Yen said...

Way to Mom!

East of Eden said...

This is what we do when we go home to Phoenix in the winter...everyone is running around in parkas and mittens when it's 58 degrees, and we're ready to hop in the pool!! I love it!

Stepper the Mighty said...

Hey, we have puddles, too! Only ours is from the snow that is melting form this morning's covering.

think I could be the hero if I put some in a bowl?

Your girls are just adorable!