Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love to Laugh

It makes me laugh.

It really does.

When people state carte blanche that they don't gossip, or don't understand people who get offended, because they themselves never, ever get offended...I giggle uncontrollably. Well, the funny people inside my head do. They giggle so hard that they forget to make my face move out of its stunned mask.

You know that with either of those statements, that that particular person totally gossips and totally gets offended, and/or extra sensitive...also,

So I don't make those sweeping statements about myself.


Because I am human.

Which means I experience human emotions, which I am not ashamed of.

The key is to feel them, recognize them, and then choose to do something about them.

Feeling ashamed, or making totally asinine comments deriding any emotion, serves nobody, but to create a flimsy mirage of how superior you want people to think you are, while simultaneously allowing them to see how sad you truly are.

As for gossip, there is a difference. Sometimes people think that sharing any information at all, opinions, thoughts, first-hand experience is gossip. They are incredibly ignorant about it, and paralyzed into thinking any sharing, baring of one's soul is forbidden.

But that's just me. I think there's a difference from what you observe about situations, people - versus belittling them to make yourself feel superior. I'm a fan of truth. So often I see things and it irks me to no end because we're not allowed to say the truth about people, for fear of singed feelings...etc...

I hate the tiptoeing around people who are extra sensitive, or new to a group/organization ... it's like we're enabling the weak. It annoys me when squeaky wheels always get the oil, while healthy, functioning wheels are completely ignored. Negative reinforcement... is king.

And why... why do people who have had a very colorful past, pretend to people who didn't know them back then... that they are wholly innocent? I don't understand it. It smacks of deception to me and I hate deception, period.

...have you also heard when people tell you that you need to not feel an emotion, but then immediately tell you that they can't, or won't change how they feel because that's just who they are? You kind of want to see how long it takes before they recognize how hypocritical and hilarious it is, that they think they have a right to tell you what to change, but then say that they refuse to. Wha---??? What loony asylum did I enter?

While we're at it... one more laughable comment I hear a lot, "there's no one right way to..." yada, yada, yada. Sure, there may not be
one right way, but there often is a BETTER way. So... are we people who like, and encourage mediocrity, or are we people who keep our eyes focused on what is possible?

Of course, when referring to better - I recognize that we are in different stages of life, and the energy level to accomplish things is different, etc. I am not referring to those. I am referring to ...when we have gained the knowledge, ability to strive towards the better, are we merely content to celebrate the stagnant place we, or others are in, or do we instead choose the better? I'm a fan of good,

Whew! my belly aches... too much laughing like a loon.

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