Thursday, March 11, 2010

All because of Alexander Graham Bell

Recently my husband taught our 5YO, AGG to memorize our cell and his work number in addition to our home number. She practiced dialing and communicating to us while at home with our cell phones.

Let's just say... my husband now gets 4-6 phone calls within a 15 minute period. It's awesome.

I had a conversation with her the other day about appropriate words.

AGG: This damn freakin'!

QS: What did you say?

AGG: What?

QS: What did you just say?

AGG: The damn freakin'... why?

QS: We don't say damn.

AGG: Why?

QS: Because it's a swear word, a bad word, an inappropriate word.

AGG: How do you know?

QS: Because Heavenly Father doesn't like it.

AGG: How do you know?

QS: I know.

AGG: What's Heavenly Father's cell phone number?

ps. The damn and other expletives she gets from her father. The freakin' and dude and emotionality she gets from me. Yep, she's screwed.


~j. said...

Hahaha! Great photo to go along with the commentary. What a cutie.

Kalli Ko said...

if you could pass that # along to me when she figures it out that'd be greaaat kthanksbye

Queen Scarlett said...

~j - thanks! She is amazing.

Kalli Ko - If I ever figure that one out...I'll let you know. ;-) I'll let everyone know. Which is probably why I won't get the number. ;-)

Geo said...

LOVE this!

blik said...

That was hillarious~!!!! Your girls are beautiful and so smart!!!