Friday, March 12, 2010

A Queen

Right now in kindergarten the kids are learning about neighborhood helpers (librarian, vet, chef, etc)... one of their assignments was to create a paper doll representing what they wanted to be when they grew up.

QS: Ok sweetie, what do you want to be when you grow up?

AGG: A Queen.

QS: A what?

AGG: A Queen.

QS: Um, well - I don't think you can really do that... you'd have to marry a prince (and then I contemplated how to explain it's better to be your own woman....)

AGG: Yes I can.

QS: What do you mean?

AGG: A Queen - A Mommy - like you.

I talked to her teacher about this and she laughed, telling me that after my daughter got up to share what she was going to create for her doll - she started a trend in the classroom for a few of the girls that the teacher had to... quell.

My daughter reminds me of Olivia. We love the books and the show. In one episode Olivia is supposed to come up with country to do a report on for the class... after choosing and changing her mind several times, driving her mother a little crazy - Olivia settles on a country... one she made up... that's something our AGG does all the time. I love it.


La Yen said...

That is freaking awesome.

Queen Scarlett said...

I think so too... I sort of wanted to shout "WIN for the MOTHERS OF THE WORLD!" ;-)

soybeanlover said...

You are teaching her great!

glittersmama said...

I love that she sees it that way. So cool.

I also love Olivia. That episode cracked me up.

Betsy said...

I. love. this.
Brought to you by your post on My Imaginary Blog (I'm MIB's mother).

Geo said...

So excellent.