Friday, March 5, 2010

Open up your eyes...


QS: What?

AGG: It's I'm YOURS boy!

QS: Really? On Sesame Street?


-- watching and dancing---

AGG: Mom?

QS: Yes.

AGG: Why is he on Sesame Street?

QS: To sing to you guys.

AGG: Is he in our world?

QS: Yes.

AGG: I can't believe it!!! He is?!

QS: Yep.

AGG: Wow, he's in our world and in Sesame Street? That is so crazy and amazing!

ps. Love Mraz' website and he's so kissably adorable.


b. said...

He's so adorable!

Kalli Ko said...

Jason and I (we're on a first name basis) have loved each other since my junior year in college and I discovered "the remedy" which of course was a gateway drug to other equally and surpassingly fantastic Mraz experiences.

I've seen him live like 7 times.

I love him.