Tuesday, January 13, 2009

$25.00 for peace of mind

Saturday evening I was stringing beads for bracelets, rings... girly activity for my girls.

M (age 2) was sticking her hands in the beads and stirring them...

A little while later she started touching her nose. Then she complained about her nose.

My anxiety started to get active.

It was 20 min to 10pm - when the Urgent Care center closed.

I called them and begged them to wait for us - it takes at least 15 min to get there.

We were in our elephant pajamas from Christmas. I didn't even grab my bra. I was floppy.

I went up to 85 mph - on accident. I ran from the car with M... to be greeted with a dark reception area.

My heart stopped.

I yanked on the door anyway.

HALLELUJAH! They were there. They waited. They thought M was so cute.

The Doctor looked in M's nose - she said she put a bead in there.

He didn't see any beads. He said it would eventually stink and irritate her if there was one.

I paid $25.00 and drove like a maniac... with pajamas and floppy boobs... all totally worth it.

I slept like a baby.

ps. of my girls... M would likely be the one to get into this kind of trouble...which is why I totally took her seriously... meanwhile, she just liked going on a trip to see the doctor.


dalene said...

I don't love it when they start putting things in places...glad she was OK.

La Yen said...

Jooj put a bead in her nose while I was sick with the flu, on a weekend which means ER on the Army base. I said a prayer and got out the tweezers. Thank heavens for prayers.

b. said...

Keep us posted on the stinky nose!

Oldest put a bead up his nose, I got it out with the tweezers...he then turned right around and did it a SECOND time!!

Sissy g put a deflated balloon up her nose, I think I was able to get it out without taking her in. She's been the worst for kid type injuries!

Queen Scarlett said...

dalene - seriously!

La Yen - you are like Macgyver

b. - I think we're safe - it's Wed and she hasn't seemed irritated ...and nothing is stinky - well in that vicinity. ;-) Kids... have brain-damage... (I love Bill Cosby)

Greek Goddess said...

that's hilarious. glad she's okay.