Friday, January 30, 2009

As Bill Cosby says... Brain Damage

Nighttime is ... playtime for some reason at our house.

Tonight was no exception.

We let the girls sleep in the same room on a regular basis (except when their behavior separates them) - because we think it's a good thing...and they LOVE it.

My hubby had been up twice to tell them to settle down, and put M, our two year old back into her bed. She is always climbing into bed with her big sis K, our four year old. My husband told me to go up after he'd been in there twice - to play the, "be quiet or Daddy will come and separate you" card.

Well, a little while later they were still playing, talking, and enjoying each other. So my hubby R went up and found that M had a poopy diaper. The conversation below, nails her personality to a T.

R: After I change your diaper you are going to your bed. You are not talking, playing or doing anything else. Do you understand?

M: Yes.

R: After I change your diaper, you are going to bed. Nothing else. Do you understand?

M: Yes.

R: What are you going to do after I change your diaper?

M: Play.


dalene said...

I love this. This is definitely the stage in life where it's all about play.

AzĂșcar said...

A woman I know encourages her kids to sleep together in the same bed like that--they stay asleep longer and sleep better. I've been wanting to try it once Proximo gets just a *little* older.

Queen Scarlett said...

dalene - and she is especially playful.

azucar - they actually sleep in separate beds...but the same room. Although we occasionally find them in one twin together. I wish I could say they sleep longer... they have far too much fun with each other though. I think it does help them feel more secure at night too.