Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I admit.

I think it's cool.

Cool that Elder Holland's video became a top Internet video.

Cool that the video on Temples was one of the most watched videos on the YouTube main page during the HBO hubub.

Cool that during the two days of General Conference #ldsconf was the top Trending Topic - that's twitterific!

Cool that there is a Channel on YouTube devoted to Mormon Messages.

Cool that we can share them, embed them and go viral with them.

Cool that so many of us Mormons are online, blogging, facebook-ing, twittering and sharing who we are, what we believe, and making our voices heard online.

We have our quirks, our imperfections, our own vocabulary... but it's cool that through the world of the Internet we don't have to feel like we're alone. In fact, together we are a massive force for spreading Truth.

That's cool.