Friday, April 17, 2009


I've seen a lot of bloggers do FLASHBACK FRIDAYS! (I can't even say it out loud without Jazz hands)

I figure... I finally have some old photos to FLASH you all with... enjoy.

These are a few from my broadcast journalism days at BYU. These are a few of my KBYU/NewsNet crew. I was privileged to be part of the first batch of students to begin and go through the unified newsroom. We had an amazing mentor and friend, Dean Paynter. He always pushed us to be more than a pretty, talking head. It's been wonderful to stay in touch with everyone via facebook.

I remember random things:

Those heavy, black cases that carried those old, wooden tripods for the video camera.

People who wouldn't open the door for you when you were carrying the case and a giant blue, rectangular bag with all the heavy camera equipment. I wish I captured a picture of all that. I think I was barely taller than all that stuff.

Covering the groundbreaking of the LDS conference center.

Mic-ing my interviews.

White balancing.

Doing the KBYU tag. "This is Queen Scarlett, KBYU News."

I totally had a deeper, anchor-gal voice.

Early mornings.

Digging for Truth.

Late, worthwhile, post-mortems.

Editing bay stress, right before air.

Doing the Campus news outside at the HFAC while throngs of other students rush to class.

Skipping other classes to go to downtown Lehi for a news story.

People in the diners totally believe in conspiracy theories.

Wearing shoulder-padded blazers.

The new studio up in the Wilk.

Missing the HFAC tunnel.

Interviewing Chris Cannon and wanting to poke him to see if he'd giggle like the Pillsbury dough boy.

Grilling much as we could, President Bateman in his yearly meeting with us, press kids.

Trying not to use the ellipses (...) when writing for the Daily Universe. I don't try not to use them anymore...I love ellipses.

The awesome music videos Dean would put together for the end of the year graduating seniors.

Putting together audition reels.

Interviewing General Authorities, as the Campus Editor... best thing about that position.

Getting paid to do what I love.

Getting really excited that Elder Eyring at the time, looked me straight in the eye as I was setting up a camera.

Soaking up an education by doing...

Packages, b-roll, script printers, SOT, VOSOT, VO, camera 1, 2... weather.

CCN...those early mornings were cold.

Squirrley teleprompter.

Really bad ad-libbing, anchor banter.

Transitions, lead-in, teasers.

SPJ, NAB trips to Vegas.

Taking that driving course at BYU, so we could take the vans, with our equipment for stories.

Taking TMA....and a make-up course. They used the book by Kevin Aucoin.

Interning at KSL.

Working for Classical 89. I loved radio.

Piper Jaffrey.



Frozen yogurt with sliced bananas from the WILK food court.

Having the time of my life.

Do you have a time you love? What do you remember about it?
KBYU/Newsnet Folks - what do you remember?


Greek Goddess said...

What fun pictures. I'll have to think about your question. I loved my college days, too, primarily FLHC stuff and organ stuff.

La Yen said...

I love that you have "Token Asian Anchorwoman" status.

You should totally milk it. And start everything with "Back when I was the Token Asian Anchorwoman..."

I mostly remember where all the dark streets were. For making out in the car. I was not in honors, you know.

Amy said...

Seriously lovin' this! I even clicked my lazy bum on over from google reader so I could comment. THAT is how much I love this.

Christa Jeanne said...

Oh man - so, so fun to see your DU memories! Campus editor - what a fun assignment that must have been!!! The newsroom in the Wilk was old by the time I got up there; they moved the Comms program (including the newsroom) into the Brimhall right after I graduated. Definitely check it out next time you're up here - it's very feng shui. :)