Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On the Saturday before Easter, our community held their annual Easter Egg hunt... basically the eggs are laid out all over the green grass and the kids just collect them as they walk. For kids that are young like ours, it's perfect. For the older ones... well...

After the egg hunt we went to lunch. The girls are like me - they love going out. We then went to the park to enjoy the perfect weather.

We took some pictures in our backyard before Church.

Here are the girls walking up the stairs to Church. I love little girls and new Easter dresses. LOVE it.

Flying into the building...

After Church we went to our village green and took a few pictures. The video of them singing is on my private family blog.

The End.


sue-donym said...

Your girls get prettier every day.
And you are rockin' that gorgeous skirt!

blik said...

Your little girls are precious! I love their cute Easter dresses. I also love your new hair-do. You look great.

dalene said...

Pretty much what Sue said!