Friday, April 3, 2009

Humans are Easy

I am not entranced by people who can pronounce words correctly. I am not going into orgasmic convulsions because a half-white guy got elected president of the USA. I am not going to brag about how historic it is because the half-white guy is also a mixed race guy. Dude... if that were the only requirement, I think I ought to be president... I'm fully Asian... well...ok I'm white on the inside...but that's just in my head.

I guess for my girls... I should be telling them they could be president one day... because look - a halfie got elected too. Woot woot.

I am not going to tell you how nice it is to hear someone speak in coherent sentences... listen it'll be refreshing when the suits in DC demonstrate, consistent honesty... (when pigs fly). Dude, if speaking well will excuse me from any number of inconsistencies, lack of experience... I might actually think about not using the word "dude"....might.

I love words, I love how they sound, how they "taste" (thanks greek goddess) in my mouth. I adore how they paint images, evoke emotions and can hypnotize. Maybe I'm jaded. I studied journalism... then I worked in PR. I know that as PR folks, we're behind the scenes... we create the content. We craft a CEO's quote that investors pick apart to determine buy or sell ratings. We do it... muhahahahahah the power.

That's why I don't flinch, or get aroused when someone has a silver-tongue. That crafty way of saying things to make people suspend reality. I know how it's done. I did it all the time for my job. It was all pretty... lame. One Christmas the CEO asked me to craft a Christmas email for him to send to his employees. I wrote one that had I been the CEO, I would not only say, but actually deliver on what I said. I knew he wouldn't...but I did my job. The CEO received rave reviews for that email of words... no one knew I wrote it. He sent me an email telling me how great the email was because he received a constant stream of applause for it. Later, he terminated my position because doing good work, and having a second child didn't jive with the way he ran his business.

My point is, just like in Book of Mormon days when the people were easily flattered, and impressed, without any substance, skill or proven accomplishments, the people were always simple-mindedly impressed by one who had astounding oratorical skills.

I used to think the stories in the Book of Mormon, about how they interacted, was just a bunch of amusing old stories. In this last year I've realized that people don't change, they just repeat the same stuff over and over. I'm seeing how immediately relevant the stories, the warnings, the exhortations are for our moment in time.

For now... there's nothing and no one worth going all orgasmic for... I'm not that easy... well, except for my hot hunny.


b. said...

I'll admit...I'm kinda easy.
But...don't deliver?

My memory is looooooooong.

Gerb said...

Wow. And amen. (except for the Asian part. Can't claim that.)