Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dude. I'm a Mormon.

My girls recently were photographed for a photography homework assignment by a young woman. I snapped a few just to document it.

So The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has this fantastic, spiffed up site where all of us ordinary members can upload our pictures and our testimonies to Of course there are members of the Church that have extraordinary lives, and they're fun to read about from the homepage.

I had started my profile weeks ago, but then was distracted by my girls, and promptly forgot about it, until this past week when my friend Jenny posted hers on her blog. Thanks for the reminder Phread.

So here is mine. If you are a Mormon too, I suggest you go add yours too.

I've been browsing other Mormons too ... and I have to say... dude, check us out!

Happy Sabbath ya'll!


ps. Under the section "How I live my Faith" on my page, I had the spaces between paragraphs when I was typing it all out, and it checks out when I go back and edit...but on the actual page it's just one big blob of text - so sorry about the reading headaches... I need my white space!


Greek Goddess said...

Well, you might want to kiss my baby's cheeks, but I want to cuddle your adorable girls! So cute. Love the pic with the shoes.

~j. said...

Yay! Headed off to read your profile now.

Stephanie said...

Hi Stephanie -
This is Stephanie. Your profile is one that is linked to mine as "view other similar profiles" on the side bar. I was just browsing to see who else they had as "similar to me" and saw yours.

I just wanted to say thanks for making me smile today. I loved your profile. I bet you are an awesome Laurel advisor. I am in YWs too.

Anyway - thanks for the smile and for being fabulous!
stephanie waite

Queen Scarlett said...

Greek Goddess - We need to get together again! I need to meet the new cheeky babe.

~j - seriously, thanks for the reminder

Stephanie - we need a Stephanie club. You are fabulous!!!

La Yen said...

Dude. You are awesome.

Krista ... said...

Hi! you don't know me, but Mindy Gledhill gave me the link to your blog. I have an email I need to send you (on behalf of Mindy), but can't find a contact email anywhere on your page. Can you please email me (kristaqm[at] Thanks!

p.s. your girls are DARling! Gracious they are cute. :)

Queen Scarlett said...

La Yen - DUDE you are.

Krista - I just fainted... thank you.