Friday, July 2, 2010


Happy Fourth of July

We'll be taking our girlies to our little town center's fireworks celebration. They like fireworks...and it's close by.

I always see people ooh... ahh and exclaim when there are fireworks.

I notice on TV and in the movies, fireworks are supposed to be fabulously romantic.

I have tried, outwardly to also ooh and ahh along with them.

Inside however, I just don't quite feel it.

Fireworks don't move emotional level is blah.

I don't get all excited, or emotional, or passionate about them.

Perhaps we can blame the fact that my ancestors have been shooting them into the sky and at people since the 7th century. Maybe that's why. I honestly couldn't care less about the colors, the kinds, the whizzing and exploding. Fireworks, for me are only interesting insofar that I enjoy seeing the reactions on my daughters' faces.

So to sum up.

Fireworks - meh.

Kids - RULE.



...because gosh darn, we need it.

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soybeanlover said...

If you want fireworks to ohh and ahh over you need to go to Europe, or at least Asia. 007 and I both agree that the best we've ever seen have been in Belgium or Luxembourg. Otherwise, I feel like you, they just don't move me.