Saturday, July 10, 2010

Legally Prohibited...

From Being Funny on Television Tour

We were about 5-7 rows from the stage...and the woman in front of me... is wearing a shirt I have, but was not wearing that night. Phew!

Remember when I totally pulled a Joey moment?

Well, I am finally posting our little adventure with Conan... way back in May.

There he is, Miss. America...

He serenaded us... he always wears great shirts.

La Bamba... he's about to hand me his instrument. (taken with the iPhone)

One of my least liked sketches...but it was a reunion.

...the outfit just exudes hilarity

...such a Conan move... I LOVE IT!

It's like Elvis...but with red hair.

Goofing off with the crowds... (taken with the iPhone)

Adorable, squeezable Andy.

Deon...was perhaps funnier than anyone else on stage. Loved him.

The band, rockin'!

A last send off.

Thanks for the laughs Conan.

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