Thursday, July 1, 2010

Following Him in Faith

Recently in a combined YW lesson a young Beehive (ages 12-13) bore her testimony.

She's one of those girls who always thinks of others. She's the one that skips break time at school to help out the special needs kids. She's the one that pays attention to my daughters, and is a real friend to them. She's beautiful, responsible, intelligent, sweet...and possesses a very clever, witty humor about her.

She began her testimony explaining that she'd be searching for a real, solid testimony. She said that she didn't think she'd be able to find one. So she had been praying, and after making an appointment with a member of the bishopric, she had met with him that morning. She said that after that meeting, and feeling the spirit of the lesson that day, she knew, she knew she had a testimony.

My eyes would not stop welling up with tears during her short time in front of all of us, sharing her pure testimony.

I admire her.

I admire her because she has decided at this very young age that she wants a testimony.

I admire her because she searched for guidance from a wise steward, a member of the bishopric.

I admire her because she used prayer to ask her Father in Heaven to help her.

Is it any wonder that this generation of souls is here at this time, in this place?

This kind of young women increases my faith. Enforces my persistence in enduring, in obeying, in standing firm, in my testimony. I am grateful for that.

Come Follow Me by Dan Freed

We are in a day and age where grown-up members of the Church think it's okay to air out their doubts, accusations, and criticism of the Church and it's leaders because... I guess it makes them feel better, seem more cerebral, enlightened to their peers. Or, perhaps because they think that that is how they will gain a stronger testimony. These people assume that because we choose to follow our leaders, to stay in the safe zone, that we are without questions. They are wrong.

Just because we choose to follow the Prophet doesn't mean we have all the answers we want. Following our leaders and the commandments of God doesn't make us perfect. It just means that we've made a conscious effort to choose God's ways, and eschew our human, imperfect, unknowing ways. That's all.

Well, I guess I shouldn't dismiss it that easily. That's a big deal. It takes courage. It takes faith. It takes a willingness to put God's needs, and wisdom above our own.

No matter how uncomfortable, difficult or seemingly, unsympathetic a choice we are asked to make is to follow our Prophet and God... I know that if I want to be obedient, I will turn it over to Him. My very limited human eyes can't see the eternal perspective. Knowing this, makes it a much better choice, in all cases, to choose following the Prophet, our leaders, and ultimately, God. I know that one day I will understand, but for now, I will follow Him.

...perhaps that's why we are asked to have faith as a little child.

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