Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Twas a Tale of Two Zoobies

disclaimer - I do not rhyme. I'm no poet.

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, a Momma and Dada were hemming and hawing.

Their little ones were patiently waiting for Santa to make good on their turtle pillow pets, and jewelry for Christmas.

But Momma and Dada knew Santa would agree, that another pillow pet for each, would be two pets too many. A unicorn and ladybug were already taking up space. So they sent a quick note to the North Pole to see, if Santa could possibly have some other option for their darlings to open on Christmas day.

Elfie Star, the girls' Elf on the Shelf, came bearing an envelope with a small request. The girls were to visit two sites on the Internet, with Momma to help them of course. They visited the pillow pet and Zoobie site. They were to pick their most favorite one, and then send on their request to Santa.

'Lo and behold, the girls fell in love, with Olivia and Spot.

With the time winding down, Momma and Dada knew that Santa was swamped, what could they do? So Momma sent an email to Sarah the Zoobie Elf with a frantic request. Sarah the Elf was prompt, kind and thoughtful. She knew Santa would be able to make it in time for the first week of January.

Elfie Star made another visit with envelope in hand, to prepare the girls for a present come January. He let the girls know, that their Zoobies were special, and the elves would take extra, special care to make them just perfect.

When Christmas day came, the girls were all a flutter, to discover jewelry from Santa, and surprise Charlie and Lolas. They also received a note from Santa, thanking them for the carrots, cookies and milk. Santa wrote that they would receive one more delivery from him in January.

Sure enough, the girls continued to be filled with anticipation even after the joy, and the fun of Christmas.

And then... wouldn't you know it. Elfie Star begged Santa to leave the North Pole on a specific mission to deliver the Zoobies. As you can see it was a grand, very, happy affair.

But what is a Zoobie, you may ask. Well come close, and I will tell you.

Zoobies are more than a pillow pet. More, much more, you will find. A Zoobie is a cuddly friend, but wait!

A Zoobie is also a pillow. There's more.

It's a blanket as well. And that blanket can also be removed. The quality of a Zoobie is quite fine. In fact, Dada and Momma were happily surprised. We are so glad that Dada and Santa, found a great find, from Zoobie land.

ps. I was not paid, nor asked to talk about Zoobies. We found them last minute. They were all out of stock of Olivias - Sarah the Elf promised she'd call us and ship Olivia and Spot the Dog (who comes with a book) out as soon as their stock came in, and she did. We are impressed by the quality of the products and service. Our girls have a pillow pet and a Zoobie...and we'd pick Zoobie over pillow pets, each time.

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Julie said...

They are growing up so fast and the cutest little girls ever!