Monday, January 10, 2011


Last week - no posts.

Not sure if I should apologize, as I am not even sure how many eyes are watching, stalking, or reading my little blog ditty on the Internets.

This year I am determined. (I hope)

I am determined to get to sleep earlier. Preferably no later than 10pm. For a woman (that's right, not just a girl) who gets to bed around one or two (ahem) in the morning, this is one gigantic step in the right direction. (I also hear this helps the round tire part of our bodies)

I am also determined to spend less time online. (kind of, hopefully)

I have been online since I was in middle school/freshman/sophomore year in high school, and I will turn 34 this year... so you do the math. Seriously - you do it. (I am the one lazy Asian you will meet who loathes putting numbers together and extracting them from each other)

I am also determined to bake less, in an effort to say adios to my ba-dunk-a-dunk, pear-shaped lower half of me. It's too bad I can't just rearrange it all and do a bit of shifting to give the upper ladies a bit of a boost. Maybe I can make that happen when I, you know, become a goddess and create my own world of people. Dude, the women and the men in my world would worship me. (please let those last two sentences offend some busybody somewhere)

I am also determined to find more time to write. The less time online should help.

All of this requires that I adopt discipline. I had a lot of it growing up. Like, mucho, mucho, beaucoup, I'm suffocating kind of discipline. So I think as part of my joie de vivre in adulthood, I've sort of taken the discipline, rolled it into as tiny a ball as possible, dug a deep, dark cavern and buried it. I might have spit on it too. Literally.

So here goes nothing 2011, or something. Dear Internets please hold me to it.

ps. In the meantime check out what's been buzzing around the Internets. If you get a chance read them. I may be posting my thoughts sometime...TBD, or not.

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