Monday, March 10, 2008

The British Are Coming - YES!

I've been boycotting Bachelor for... more than a few years because it's the same mish-mash. They never end up together (I do love Trista and Ryan...well I love Ryan). But... oh - my... this season he's British. I'm a sucker for all things British. I love how he introduced himself...

"I'm Matt Grant, and I'm here to steal all your women."

Yes you are Matt... oh Yes you are. (although... the women annoy me - the cattiness the ugliness... can they just show him doing nothing and looking into the camera reading the encyclopedia? That I'd watch regularly)

ps. On a random note... our new Nugget Grocery store sells Treacle Tart - it is typical of UK desserts - not a lot of flavor but very sweet.


compulsive writer said...

What is it, exactly, about the British? I don't know, but I like it!

(Treacle, not so much.)

blik said...

I had no idea it started! I miss my American TV- I will be downloading that! I am glad I have another Bachelor buddy....I'm hooked

Queen Scarlett said...

CW - the Treacle was disappointing...I need more spices...less sweet. But yes... I love the Brits.

blik - but you have Lake Como... ;-)

Queen Scarlett said...

blik - have you seen this yet? How much for crazy blue-sequin lunatic?