Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lost in the anals of my memory

Saturday was a fantastic day... my daughter had a dance class - we went out to lunch as a family to the Tea Party Cafe...and then for ice cream after...and naps all around.

Then my husband got the urge to clean up the study. He asked me if I wanted to throw out a mug... this mug.

I was like - NO...that's why it's on the display shelf.

Then I realized... oh my gosh - that's a job I had.

I was a docent at BYU's Museum of Art. I loved that job. I did it during the "Imperial Tombs of China" Exhibit. After that volunteer job I was hired as a docent coordinator...or something... I can't remember the title. I would basically make sure we were staffed. My bishop helped me get an interview for that job and ... I had forgotten how much I loved it...and that I actually did it. I love museums... I'd forgotten how much I missed it.

...I have whole classes I can't remember. So it's nice to recover lost memories.

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