Thursday, June 19, 2008

Broken ... Camel's Back

I'm grumpy.

I don't believe in the Golden Rule anymore.


compulsive writer said... of the story.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Dang... poor camel (I hate back troubles).

Amy said...

I've been teaching my daughter about the Golden Rule the past few weeks... and this one neighborhood rapscallion has been a real...well.. "Golden Rule breaker". She's always causing trouble 'mongst the kiddies. It broke my heart the other day to hear my four year old, holding back tears, saying, "But don't you know the golden rule???? Why are you being mean to me???" She then went on to try and explain the Golden Rule to said rapscallion. (The type of neighborhood rugrat who decides who should play with who, and when. It changes from day to day based on moods, toys and who's sharing the best treat.)

You know why it broke my heart? Because this is just the first of MANY "Golden rule breakers" she will encounter in her life. And it's JUST NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!

I had to hold back a bit when she was talking with me about it over dinner that night. "Mom, why did ***** not follow the Golden Rule? didn't her mom teach her to treat people the way YOU want to be treated?" I WANTED to tell her, "Sorry honey, some people are just JERKS!!!!!!"