Monday, June 16, 2008

How I really feel - Confession

I think people who don't like to read for leisure... are strange.

I think people who fall asleep watching period Becoming Jane... unintelligent.

I feel the need to confess. Forgive me of my ... what would you call it?


cabesh said...

You're so proud! Or maybe you're prejudiced!
He, he, he!

Really, sometimes I'll say to Craig, "Either I'm really smart, or other people are really dumb."

Do you knw what I mean?

Queen Scarlett said...

YES! And I know I'm not that smart so the default is...people are really dumb. ;-) hehehhe

...dude I AM FULL OF MYSELF... the brim...urp. excuse me. hehehhe

Amy said...

I'm with you!