Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can't stand my kensignton...

wireless keyboard and mouse. Want to know why? Because...anytime I type and leave comments or what have you... it is too slow to catch my fast typing...so something is left off... like an 'a' or an 's'. So I end up sounding like some idiot who has lost all grasp of the English language...then again - I am a mother of toddlers.

It's driving me crazy... I think I'll just go back to my corded mouse and keyboard.

ps...if you can't tell - I'm easily annoyed today... at least I recognize I could be PMSing. My husband is so proud of me.


b. said...

Ok....my seester works for Kensington as a Rep.....you want I should tell her to hook you up? Or pass on the feedback?

Queen Scarlett said...

I can't figure out why... maybe it's slow because it's a mac compatible one? I don't know... that is cool your seester works for them. Or is this a problem of all wireless keyboards and mice?


b. said...

ok...so my seester came and brought me a kensington keyboard and mouse. Not a fan.
Don't like the mouse.
I haven't tried the keyboard yet, but it's a no on the mouse.