Monday, June 9, 2008

Is anyone else nervous?

...about our presidential election?

I'm voting for whomever most closely resembles someone who will lower, or at very least not increase taxes. We don't need to be paying more with our economy the way it is... whoever does promise to raise taxes will also decimate our stocks. I'm tired of paying higher prices everywhere - the fact that our relief society is freaking out about food storage... bodes poorly for our upcoming election.

I'm voting for whomever wants less gov't involvement in my life. I have never seen any program with gov't leadership that was run efficiently or without waste. Gov't leadership is an oxymoron.

I want to vote for someone who isn't crazy angry... but truly hopeful and positive. I hate people who say they're hopeful but act angry.

I want someone who still values the family, and not some made-up confusion of family. I want someone who understands that letting parents teach values is more effective than having public schools indoctrinate my kids.

I want someone who doesn't speak just pretty words, and paint "a perfect picture". I want someone who has real solutions - rather than just picking apart the opponents position. I want someone who doesn't just say, "we need change" but lays out practically, how that change will happen. Just saying it...doesn't make it so. I want someone with experience, a track record, a smart business sense of how to handle and be frugal with our money.

In fact, if someone were to tell me - hey - it's going to be tight for the first couple years... but once we clean house... we'll get to where we need to be...I'd say, thank you for being real.

I want someone who doesn't constantly chant "tax the wealthy" as if we live in Robin Hood's time. I'm so tired of that. I want someone who recognizes that we already pay too much in taxes... there shouldn't be a penalty for earning an education and getting paid well in return. We should be taxed fairly. I'm all for a flat tax... like tithing (go ahead take 10%... oh wait - the gov't would never do that - they want t o take 30%+ of everything we make) or based on what we put in... that's how much we put out... I'm tired of unbalanced taxing.

I want someone who will take a stand against courts acting like a monarchy... I'm really tired of it. It's getting old.

And... unlike most people - I will not vote for anyone just to make a historical statement. That... that is irresponsible.

I don't know if there is anyone who fits this bill... all I know is ... I'm worried.


compulsive writer said...

I want someone I can actually vote for, instead of someone I vote for only because I'm voting against the other guy.

As for the panicked Relief Societies, I think there are lots of people panicking unnecessarily. Should we be wise? Should we be storing and saving? You bet. But what does it mean that my inspired stake president focuses on themes of service and love and families while my SIL's inspired stake president focuses on food storage and preparedness? What that says to me is that it is not yet time to panic.

La Yen said...


Queen Scarlett said...

cw - yep... hard to remember when the last time was... or if there was ever a time I could vote for someone.

And... I think some people love to be the bearers of gloom and doom at Church.

nestle said...

so with you on this. freakin' scary.

Amy said...

Amen, sistah.