Thursday, August 7, 2008


offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

That is what the California State Government is to a T. Jerry Brown is his self-proclaimed wisdom (click this), Calf Supreme Court in their hallowed robes, pencil pushing state workers are all letting the people of California know that the will of the people is null and void. 

That's why anytime anyone decides that a solution to a problem is gov't involvement I roll my eyes and then my heart palpitates in fear.

When has gov't run anything efficiently? We are a country successful because we the people decide. Why is Obama out campaigning and raising money from the rest of the world? So that America can owe the rest of the world? What?Seriously??? Who's country is this? 

Today on Oprah I caught her talking about the dire state of education in our country. The statistics thrown out include how we are behind Canada and even Poland. The solution - more money, more gov't involvement. Are you kidding me? The solution is most certainly NOT gov't involvement. Hell - in Sacramento they want to spend 650,000 to count trees (click this). While they're at it - would someone run a budget for me to count the hairs on my head, the lint in my dryer, the particles in the sunlight? Seriously - what do the stupid suits do in Sacramento??? Do they not live in the world where the economy is stretched to the max, fire fighting in the state is creating budget woes... HELLO!!!

I'll tell you what will make our schools better. How about eliminating the ridiculous 2 year tenure ability? I know it's not PC to blast teachers... because according to Oprah (gag) teachers walk on air. Let's be honest - NOT all teachers are good. I know people who aren't teachers anymore and have sailed through the 2 years and now - don't work ...but if they wanted to... they'd get it because they have tenure. These are not good teachers. Some are... yes... but they are often the exception - not the rule. Think back on the teachers you had that were stellar... you probably don't even need your toes to count 'em. Anyone who has worked in a career knows that the first 2 years they are on the job ... is merely training...getting the toes wet. So let's really set some high standards - tenure... how about something low... like a minimum of 10 years!!! (which is still not much) Here's another - allow parents to choose what schools their kids go to - they pay the damn taxes. I guarantee you that competition will make the teachers burn a fire under their asses and schools will have to get better and the fat will be cut. It will be amazing how much more efficient things will be run when there isn't this cushy net of forced taxes/gov't spending. Choice... that's what this country is built on. 

Another one... when you see kids excel - in wealthy or poor neighborhoods - it is from parental involvement. Preserve the family - secure the nation. That's all there is to it. 

I am also so sick and tired of the way some people who speak with that tone of "afterglow" voice... dripping with arrogance and patronization. As if speaking slowly and with subdued emotion adds to a person's self-righteous credibility. I honestly believe that these people with too much money, time and celebrity have nothing to do. So they sit around and find ways to tell the rest of us "poor, ignorant souls" how we ought to be living our lives... in fact, they want to legislate our lives. To them I say - go crawl back into your ivory towers so I can burn them down.

This is perhaps why - I'm actually fired up about Yes on 8 to Protect Marriage. It's not the issue that is firing me up - it's the hijacking of our system, our democracy. It's the blatant disregard for the rule of law. It's arrogance. I sincerely support either way the vote goes if it's not biased or swayed by politics. BUT - the ridiculous, in your face totalitarianism is freaking UNSETTLING.

ps. Arrogance is a pet peeve... a BIG pet peeve.

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