Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A friend to all is a friend to none...even if they are "nice". You never know if they are sincere or being "nice".

Sometimes it sucks to live in hickville (an overabundance of trucks too)... what I mean by that is - people who aren't into trying new foods...and people who say they like Chinese food, but mean some diluted chain restaurant. I say this because recently we went to lunch with the girls at our fav indian restaurant and we were one of two tables. Our girls love Indian food. What happens if this restaurant goes under?

After 31 years ... and constant wariness of seagulls... this past weekend I was pooped on by one of those nasty birds... right on my left bicep. It was gross. So gross I made my husband wipe it off. The only saving grace - it did not land on my little one ...who was in my arms at the time.


Dalene said...

Love the new look.

I'm avoiding statement one, agreeing with you on two (although I have to say I will try new things once, but if I don't like them I won't frequent them. I would frequent a good Indian restaurant, though. Well, as frequently as the budget allowed).

And a big EWWWWW! on three.

Queen Scarlett said...

Curious about the avoiding... ;-)