Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I turn into a Curmudgeon when...

- I receive junk mail from Capitol One
- I receive junk mail period.
- I receive emails from people who only send forwards.
- I get junk forwards that people didn't bother to check if it's valid or not
- I get invited to someone's "party" only when they are trying to sell me something (this is not a big deal if the person regularly invites me to do things with them... it's when the only time I'm invited to do something by this person is to BUY stuff so they can get free stuff) Don't call it a party - it's a sales drive.
- slow drivers drive in the fast lane
- drivers speed up to pull out in front of me and then decide to drive like sloths
- drivers like to drive right next to if they need to hold hands
- I don't have enough sleep
- I don't have enough patience
- I keep dropping things

1 comment:

La Yen said...

Yes. But we call it a crankhole.