Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Without a prompter - shallowness prevails

I love how the French swimmer talked smack about our American swimmers and then...when it came down to delivering... fell short.

It's always fun to watch people who talk big get whipped in the public realm. Take Obama's words saying he's willing to debate anytime/anywhere... Invester's Business Daily ran this article. No surprise why he won't do so anymore. Wimp. I'm not a huge McCain fan - but of the two... depth and practical solutions, experience wins me over everytime. I deplore fluff filled politicians...nothing but flowery words, empty promises, and frightening selfish agendas. (my peanut gallery comments in [below])

Some of my favorite bits below:

The stark differences between the two came through the most on the question of whether there is evil in the world. Obama spoke of evil within America, "in parents who have viciously abused their children." According to the Democrat, we can't really erase evil in the world because "that is God's task." And we have to "have some humility in how we approach the issue of confronting evil."

[In other words - do nothing - traditional way of copping out - nice spine]

For McCain, with a global war on terror raging, there was no equivocating: We must "defeat" evil. If al-Qaida's placing of suicide vests on mentally-disabled women and then blowing them up by remote control in a Baghdad market isn't evil, he asked: "You have to tell me what is."

[I admire someone who takes a stand - I abhor the lukewarm, saddle sitters - they are pathetic]

On taxes, Obama waxed political: "What I'm trying to do is create a sense of balance and fairness in our tax code." McCain showed an understanding of what drives a free economy: "I don't want to take any money from the rich. I want everybody to get rich. I don't believe in class warfare or redistribution of the wealth."

[Obama - let's give to those who do nothing. Balance is hardwork = compensation. It is not - no work and free money. It is not hard work and give it all away to people who doen't deserve it. McCain - dude we should all get rich - on our merits - stop fighting/pointing fingers at people who have more than you and start working]

To any honest observer, the differences between John McCain and Barack Obama have been evident all along. What we saw last weekend was Obama's shallowness juxtaposed with McCain's depth, the product of his extraordinary life experience.

This toon is telling...

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