Friday, August 8, 2008


Loved the dances that were done again - everything felt light and beautiful.

Fun to see Mary and Nigel dance - you'll never see Simon sing on AI. That's why I love this show.

I absolutely adore Joshua and Katee. Gev I want to pinch like I pinch my baby's chub. Mark is freaky in a totally entertaining way. Will and Katee together is like watching perfection and art.

Twitch is fun. I loved seeing Dominic, Ryan and Hok. I wish we could've seen all the winners of SYTYCD. They gave far too little time to people from the past...and were missing a lot of people I'd like to know about.

What is the deal with the Jonas Brothers? Anyone? I.DON'T.GET.IT. They are awful. Why do tweens have such bad taste?

I wasn't happy that the arrogant popper was trumpted as the winner of the popping contest. Mia was the only judge I agreed with on that particular decision.

I like Lil'C's commentaries. I miss Shane Sparks. What happened to Dan?

Wade is a magician... a crazy, freaky, can't take my eyes off his creations magician. I want to see his show in Vegas.

Nigel always talks about how this show is legitimizing or highlighting dance for the world. Well - then put your money where your mouth is Nigel - 50 grand? 250 grand... really... that's PIDDLY compared to what you're making on this show and only continues the disparity between singers and dancers. Enough with the... "well that's a dancer's life" ... if you really want to make it change... show us.

*sigh* I'm going to miss my dance fix. Seriously... this show is far more entertaining, talented than any AI show.

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AzĂșcar said...

This is the first year that I really watched from beginning to end--WOWZA! I'm such a fan now.

I was so happy about Joshua! I was worried it was going to be Twitch because he's seemingly the more popular guy.

I love Katee. I almost feel like she should have won. She's the one that has been training forever, paying the price. I don't feel begrudging of Joshua at ALL, he's been so amazing.

I still think Chelsie should have been there over Courtnie.