Monday, March 23, 2009

Afternoon Tea for Dinner

Three tea sandwiches: cucumber mint, roast beef with avocado/chives, chicken with guac (avocado, shallots, tomatoes and lemon juice). Add mango tea with honey, tea biscuits and strawberries/blackberries.

Two tea-loving, excited girls who have had tea since they were 18 months.

ps. For those of you that have the invite to my Crying Over Spilt Milk blog... I've got some new posts up and... I've even scheduled posts all the way to Wed... now I need to make a menu for the rest of this week. For those of you I know that don't have access...send me an email and I'll invite you to the private family blog.


Brooke said...

i had to wander over and take a looksie at your eyebrows. nicely done, my friend!

oh, and the tea party is cute too.

Queen Scarlett said... too.