Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Not to have a Budget solution

QS: I called directv and went with the most basic plan, slicing our bill in half. Also I found out they've been charging us for four receivers, not two. So I am hoping to get a credit back.

R: What are we losing?

QS: It doesn't matter. Did you not hear me? They've been charging us for something we didn't's like money thrown into the wind, willy-nilly.

R: Right, but do I still have my sports channels?

QS: Dose it matter?

R: Well - the extra money (10 bucks a month) they charged us over a year is really not that much.

QS: Are you kidding me? Every penny counts. So can you call them and tell them to give us a credit or something? You're the negotiator.

R: No, I'm too busy at work.

QS: Then can you do it at home? They're available 24 hours.

R: No, I don't feel like it.

Next Day

R: So I called Directv at work.

QS: Really?

R: Yeah, I got them to give us a 5.00 credit a month for the next year, and got them to put back our orginal programming.

QS: You did what?

R: Didn't you ask me to talk to them?

QS: Yes, to implement credit - NOT to redeem your programming package.

What we have learned... men would rather have their families live in a tent, than lose their stupid sports.

ps. My fingers are ice cold...but I won't turn on the heat because I don't want to live in a tent.


La Yen said...

W has repeatedly told me he would rather live in a car with a satellite than live in a mansion without it. I kind of agree.

Queen Scarlett said...

R can go live with you guys. ;-)