Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mistress of Invention

K doesn't have pierced ears...neither do I. She doesn't like the clip on earrings... so she made her own. Colored paper, and masking tape. She's four, and she amazes me. Did I mention the bangs were her own idea... done with her own little hands?

K's conversation with her father on Sunday.

K: Daddy can I watch Olivia?

R: (while watching The San Jose Sharks) Daddy's watching Sharks.

K: I don't like the Sharks.

R: I don't like Olivia.

K: You're not being nice to Olivia.

R: You're not being nice to the Sharks.

K: You hurt Olivia's feelings.

R: Olivia isn't real.

K's conversion with her father on Monday.

K: Daddy I'll watch the Sharks with you. I like Sharks.

R: Okay.

K: Well, if I like the Sharks then you have to admit that Olivia is real.


b. said...

You and Ry are in for quite a ride!!

Atta girl!

Queen Scarlett said...

b.-...No kidding!

La Yen said...

You. Are. Screwed.