Monday, March 9, 2009

Picnic in a Tent for Family Home Evening

My hubby called from work and suggested this idea. Which is perfect because the lesson tonight was on the important role of Fathers.

He picked up some sandwiches from Quiznos and then we packed up the following in our car for the short drive up to the park:

- kids-sized tent (because we aren't really a camping family...we don't have a real tent)
- a tarp for the kid-sized tent (because we use the tent inside and I didn't want to get it dirty)
- 2 blankets for comfort
- 2 pillows to make it more homey
- drinks, chips, sandwiches

Load family in ...just like a clown car


Take turns telling made up stories

Teach lesson

QS: K, what's your favorite thing that Daddy does?
K: Kisses me.
QS: M, what's your favorite thing that Daddy does?
M: Gives me cookies.

Clean up, and use up energy playing at the park


Crook Family said...

Hey, we have that tent! Love Target! You guys are such awesome parents!!

Queen Scarlett said...

The girls love that tent. ... nah...we are just silly parents. ;-)

Geo said...

Aw, that made me cry! How lovely.

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks Geo... you are so sweet.