Friday, March 27, 2009


Carrie (host) made Raspberry Tart and Lemon Souffle. Lori(discussion leader) made the Rice and Beans casserole and Coconut Cake. All the recipes were found in the book.

Last week our Book Group met to talk about Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl. She's a NY Times restaurant critic. This book is her memoir about growing up around food, and how it shaped her life.

Lori, Sally, Leah, Brooke, Angela, Gayle, Jaime, Carrie, QS (moi) (we're also missing a few members)

In case you didn't know, I love food. I love the smells, the taste, the way it's put together...and I like good, quality food. I know some people look at food as merely fuel to put in the tank, but for me it's a pleasurable, joyful experience. I also think our bodies are temples, so I want to put only the best into it. So, I totally enjoyed every morsel of this book.

Now that the girls are older, I finally am able to constantly, consistently cook and bake. The thing is... I love it. I love that it is my "alone" time. That the quiet of cooking helps me center myself. That the simple act of putting together ingredients, calms me. I love the a mother chaos is what reigns... nothing ever goes to plan, if it does it is rare, that's why I love to is logical, methodical...and can actually be completed, and enjoyed. I love the feel as I chop crunchy vegetables. I love mincing and mixing. I love organizing things according to color, cooking order. It's so soothing, the sounds, the aromas. It's amazing that as I nurture myself through cooking...the end result is also nurturing my family. They receive a much more relaxed woman in their midst, along with a healthy, eye-pleasing, tasty meal.

I may not do many things the way I'd like to yet...but I've discovered that if I want to I can learn...and I've learned that it's so satisfying and fulfilling to share nourishing food with those you love.

Another good book about food, relationships... is The Last Chinese Chef. Ever since La Yen recommended it a couple years back...I am it's biggest fan. Seriously good read.


Greek Goddess said...

What fun. My kids love to cook with me, even Joseph, but it's still at the chaotic stage. But that's okay. Life is sweet. I wish I could magic you down here to make dinner for me sometime! :)

Queen Scarlett said...

It is chaotic cooking with the girls...which is why it's nice to cook "alone" for me. ;-)

They love to help - so I have to remember to let them ...encourage them when they have that desire. ;-)

I wish we just lived closer. ;-)

Holli said...

I love cooking too. I rarely get the chance to do it alone, but I do love it when my kids join me and want to help. And to see my oldest already able to cook things on his own.

Sounds like a good book. I picked up The Last Chinese Chef on a whim at the library last year and loved it. I may have to read this one too. Thanks for the recommendation!

Queen Scarlett said...

Let me know how you like this one.