Sunday, December 27, 2009

Feeling like a Cougar

Not just because I went to BYU. (it's where Mormons turn people who aren't into Zombies all we have to do is smile and it's contagious)

Recently I went to my friend Sally's house to drop off some Christmas goodies. I was dressed in jeans and a Pooh & friends hoody sweatshirt... which I bought some 10 or so years ago in the kids section. I was my normal self, sans makeup...and I can't remember if I even showered that day.

I had my oldest AGG in tow... because my girls LOVE my friend Sally as much as I do.

Sally's son was home for Christmas and I briefly met him. Sally saw us out and I mentioned, that I needed to find someone for her cute son. And then she confessed that he had pulled her into the kitchen earlier to ask if I was single. Apparently, he thought I was cute. I am pretty aware of myself and I know I'm quirky looking... I know I'm pretty "normal" ... so it's always shocking when I get rare comments like this.

... that one little, third party comment has sort of given me a lift in my step. Girls are so


glittersmama said...

That is awesome.

cabesh said...

"Quirky" and "normal" are NOT words I would use to describe you. Beautiful inside and out is more like it. Why do you think your nickname was BONAZZA???

Love you!

La Yen said...


Queen Scarlett said...

cabesh - normal was in quotes because I'm a bit of an too many ways to count. ;-) And... bonazza... we just liked to use foreign language inappropriately... cual quiere! ;-)

Mrs. Organic said...

Love it. Tis the season to be "hit" upon. :)