Monday, December 7, 2009

It's beginning to LOOK a lot like...


No joke... in Nor. Calif.
I love living here because usually the snow doesn't come to me... I get the choice of going to the snow. This morning... the snow decided to make itself at home. girls are thrilled it did.

AGG quotes this morning: "It's a special day!!!" "It looks like sugar! Is sugar cold? Look! It looks like there's sugar on my house."

"Do you make snow out of coconut?" She's quoting a tv show.

When DD woke up she looked out the front windows all excited and said, "That's not a lot of snow!" So we took her to the back windows and she said "wow, that's a lot of snow! Is Santa coming?"

After we'd finished our snow activities outside she asked, "Can I go out and taste the snow now, please?"

...secretly... I had a blast too.

The girls are pretending the snowman is their brother.

Then it was time to go in and watch Elf, have hot cocoa with fresh whipping cream, cinnamon pancakes, and bacon... mmm.

This is what has been keeping us in the Christmas spirit pre-snow.

Pink Sugar Cookies

Advent calendar village

One-of-a-kind Calendars

Words of the season


Tiny nativities

(ps. DD already broke Joseph's has been glue-gunned on - Joseph...first casualty of Christmas)

Olive wood, 9-year-old Nativity from Jerusalem

Enacting the nativity


Greek Goddess said...

That is an awesome post. I love all the photos. You are such fun parents. We have a few fun nativities we enjoy that are pretty child proof:
I know it is expensive, but it is such good quality and my kids love it and play with it every year. And it's sooo cute. The angel has freckles!
We also have this one:
which is even more on the "naturalist" side. I got both in Germany (my big splurges). I love seeing kids play with nativity sets. Your little one in the "manger" was too precious. Love all the decorations. Happy Advent!

Queen Scarlett said...

Thank you my friend! ;-)

Those nativities are adorable... those are on my "want" list for next year! Nativities are worth it to splurge on. I leave the one I bought in Jerusalem up all year long. BEST buy ever. Wish I'd gotten the EVEN bigger one. Oh well. ;-)

JK Waite said...

Doesn't all that snow make you miss the days of trudging through three feet of it just to take finals and finish the last show of the semester?! Glad you guys had fun! Love the centerpieces; what a great idea! Anytime you feel like more snow and giving expert decorating advice, puhlease come help me!

Queen Scarlett said...

OH MY GOSH! That was NOT fun... trudging through the snow to do broadcasts... do you remember CCN?? YIKES! I am too wimpy to go through that weather again. The nice thing about that the snow doesn't stick around for days/weeks. ;-)

Also...thanks...the centerpieces are leftover from our wedding 8 years ago! I just added the greenery and gold leaves/berries.

Crook Family said...

Ok, you have to be the best mom in the world!! Pancakes, bacon, hot cocoa?? Then pink sugar cookies?? Where do you get all that energy?
Beautiful family!!!

Queen Scarlett said...

Duuuuude... we like food. ;-) And NO WAY in DOO DOO am I the best Mom in the world... I'm just the best Mom for my girlies...sometimes. ;-)

I forgot to have your hubby take some cookies home tonight!

East of Eden said...

This is TheAtomicMom from twitter. I feel on the floor when I saw the "Baby Jesus" in your fam's nativity. Who knew rubbermaid was so versitile?

Queen Scarlett said...

hehehe... she loves being Baby Jesus... hahaha Hi ATOMICMOM! ;-)

Tiffany said...

I loved all your pics, especially those last two. I cannot wait to see you this month-- we are coming next weekend! I've missed you oodles.

Queen Scarlett said...

Can't wait for you guys to come Tiff! You guys need to come over for a play date and jump on the tramp! Kids will be so excited to see you! Whoo hoo! And... you can be my eyes and ears to make sure your mom doesn't do a thing, but rest, rest and rest!!! ;-)

b. said...

I love that you and your little girls got snow.
I love that you have SNOW GEAR!! That cracks me up!

The nativity scenes are awesome...especially sweet little baby lord jesus at the bottom...his/her face is priceless!

Queen Scarlett said...

b.- that is pretty darn funny. We got them snow pants last year because we thought we'd take them to the snow...never got around to it before it all melted... so this year the snow came to us! I like to think it was my intuition. hah!

And... that's a look DD has perfected. She makes me laugh all the time.

Allen Wilson said...

That's freakin adorable :)

Allen and Amy Wilson