Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let's go Fly a Kite

...up to the highest height...

Saturday after Thanksgiving was lovely... after we'd cleaned up the house, jumped on the tramp, made a kitty house under the tramp... we decided to take them to fly a kite ... we're up in the hills ...and it gets windy up here. The weather was in the 60s... and because we're weather wimps...we bundled up.

...and I think... I think my girls are excited. I have no idea where they get their personalities from... (hehehe)

Yes, it's the end of November

Happy 1st of December... we're sooooooooo excited for Christmas, there's not enough 'o's in the world to put after the 's'. Since the girls have been listening to Christmas music since the summer... they are constantly singing their little Christmas hearts out. And...is it me, but the Christmas season makes me feel a little more patient with drivers on the road. I'm a nicer driver in December. It's the little the things...