Monday, October 4, 2010

Be Still

The Light of the World - Art by Greg Olsen

I felt like there was so much. So much this weekend at conference that I have simply not had the time to soak it all in.

One thing really resonated for me. Be still and know that I am God.

Sometimes I feel like as a society we believe we need to be constantly, effortlessly on the go. I used to feel that that was what life ought to be, when I was in college, when I was working in my career, pre-kids.

Then I had kids.

I discovered how little I could do.

It's amazing how exhausting you can feel when all of you (physical, emotional, mental) is on alert to care for these amazing, miraculous babies.

So I learned to simply, be still.

My girls would sleep until 9 or 10am when they were little, if I got lucky 11am. I reveled in it. I did not feel guilty. I felt grateful. Some weeks - we'd stay home for half the week doing nothing but hanging out, playing, feeding, teaching, learning, hugging, laughing.... nothing of note to the world - but precious to us.

We were still.

I miss that freedom.

Now I have to follow the school's schedule.

But... I make sure to find time to simply, be still.

I don't over schedule my girls. I am doing my darnedest to dig in my heels and fight that instinct to put my kids in a million activities that so many parents feel are imperative to their kids' lives.

I believe that kids ought to have time.

Time to relax, create, imagine and come up with their own interests. There are plenty of opportunities to come that will require them to be busy, stressed, pressured, crazy... for my kids, I want them to first, have a foundation of peace.

Be still also applies to us.

Be still and know that I am God.

Do we?

If we do know He is God. If we know that He knows the end from the beginning then why do we run around like chickens with our heads cut off? Why do we think the world's views need to be accommodated? Why do we think our thoughts are higher than God's thoughts? Where do we get the idea that the world's arrogance should be our own when it comes to the Lord's anointed?

When the Lord has made clear, time-and-time again what the family unit is, why do we insist that He will one day approve man's changes to the family? Why do we think that any man-made changes will make it okay in God's eyes?
How is it possible that we believe we can shape an infinite God into our finite lives? Do we really think that we are that "enlightened"?

I love General Conference. I sustain, believe in and love our General Authorities and our Prophet. I support them as they have the keys to lead, guide and teach us.

Goodness knows, I have an endless list of things I need to work on. General Conference reminds me of the things I need to do better at, and reminds me of the things I am doing well. I may not have a lot of obvious talents - but I do have the gift of faith and standing firm. I may be a screw up on certain principles, but when the doo doo hits the fan, I'm there shoulder-to-shoulder with the Brethren in defending Truth.

The world may be making allowances and accommodations for any type of possibly anticipated sensitive feelings - I appreciate a Church where there are clear standards. I appreciate people who understand the message, and recognize that spirit that our leaders share with us. I appreciate those without the world's chip on their shoulder. I am grateful for a Church that is an anchor in a constantly shifting world. I am grateful that there is a compass to guide me safely home.

In this world with endless distractions, messages, noise levels which are incredibly overwhelming, I am grateful that as a member of this Church I am blessed with the choice to grasp onto that iron rod and be still.

During this past conference clear messages of faith, family and following the Prophet were emphasized and repeated. When the storms of life, and the tide of popular opinion runs contrary to what we know the Lord has delineated, it will be our faith, our families and our choice to follow our Prophet that will keep our heads above water.

Instead of joining the throngs of those that would curry our favor straight into that great and spacious building - we simply need to be still and know that I am God.

ps. I'm reading this article by blogger Connor Boyack.


wendysue said...

Yes. I gave a talk a few weeks ago in church and several of the quotes I used have come back to me this weekend.

Sister Dalton “you are elect! You are daughters (and sons) of God! You cannot be a generation of young women who are content to fit in. You must have the courage to stand out, to “arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations.” The world calls to you with unrelenting, noisy voices to “live it up”, “try everything”, “experiment and be happy.” Conversely, the Holy Ghost whispers and the Lord invites you to “walk in the paths of virtue” “lay aside the things of this world”, and “cleave unto your covenants.”

I need to remember that during all the "turbulance" of life, it's time to slow down and focus on the simple things.

wendysue said...
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cabesh said...

Dearest Bonazza, I love you.

Queen Scarlett said...

wendysue: I like that quote. Thank you.

cabesh: right back at you!