Monday, October 25, 2010

Winning Streak

If most things come in threes... then I am proclaiming my three wins a winning streak. A hat trick... I do pay attention sometimes to my hubby when he's left me for hockey, football or right now... GIANTS baseball... maybe my winning streak will rub-off on them for the final match-up thing... where they get the big giant disco ball, or something.

I know you're actually more interested in hearing about what I've won...

1. Darlybird

I totally won one of the gift certificates for Darlybird's 4th Anniversary. I am saving this for Christmas and am not sure how I will decide what to get as there are just so many, many pretty things. Rachel, the creative genius behind Darlybird, and I met through our mutual friend Bek. Rachel also makes the most tasty cupcakes. If you're looking for unique, pretty gifts, Darlybird is where it's at.

2. Book Shop Talk

My friend and fabulous author JESSICA DAY GEORGE (I don't know why, when I think of her I always think of her in ALL CAPS) and Amy Finnegan (who I like to think is automatically my friend through association) run this fabulous book review site, where we only review books WE LOVE! I've been doing it, you should too. Also... they interview authors. I love authors. And then they giveaway books. HELLO... I would roll around naked in a pile of books, but that might hurt with the sharp corners, and then it might unsanitary to touch the books if I wanted to read them too... but the point is... it's an AWESOME SITE! (quite deserving of ALL CAPS)

Whoops...I got distracted... I won the book Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr

3. Formerly Phread

JUST TODAY... I learned I won a giveaway on my friend ~j's site... I also call her phread...and we've known each other since... '04-'05 I can't even remember anymore. She was one of my first blogging friends...and am grateful for her joy in mothering and wit and sheer brilliance. You should read her... she will amaze you. Also, it's the bom-diggity that I won.

Right... I won Bubbletalk by Pressman toys

ps... I don't know if I need a disclaimer thing...but no one here asked me/paid me to write this post. This is my little online thank you note for the WINS! Plus, they're my friends. It's what amigos do.

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